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Mugs and t-shirts so far...

This is an initial test, to see if there is interest in Businessballs products..

Our aim is to produce a range of 'meaningful merchandise' with educational/uplifting designs and slogans, etc.

We are using the organization. Everything is made to order. No stock is held. We do the designs. Spreadshirt do the production, shipping and payment processing. This means pricing is higher than we would like. We are adding 1 pound sterling to each product on top of the Spreadshirt costs. If there's good interest we'll find ways to produce merchandise more cost-effectively. Meanwhile thanks for your understanding. Maximising profit is not our aim - we simply want to enable good enjoyable learning and development, and we hope some of these products might help..

If you've any suggestions or requests please let us know - it's relatively easy to turn an idea into a mug or t-shirt.. Thanks for looking.

Please note that these initial t-shirt designs are for white or light coloured shirts.