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quizballs 97 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


This is a multiple choice quiz.


  1. Which 19th century poet and novelist, when age twenty-six, married his thirteen year old cousin: Victor Hugo; Edgar Allan Poe; or Oscar Wilde?
  2. The artist El Greco was born on which Greek island: Crete; Corfu; or Rhodes?
  3. Carpology is the study of what: Fish; Fruits and seeds; or Bones?
  4. The Gaillard Cut is part of which canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans: Suez Canal; Panama Canal; or Welland Canal?
  5. You might see a Haka at a game of what: Polo; Rugby; or Ice hockey?
  6. Which US president is depicted on the Purple Heart medal: Abraham Lincoln; Theodore Roosevelt; or George Washington?
  7. John Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, has what tattooed on the inside of his left forearm: His zipcode (postcode); His blood group; or The Lord's Prayer?
  8. With varieties including Gutedel in Germany, and Pierre Galet in Switzerland, Chasselas is a variety of which fruit: Raspberry; Grape; or Apple?
  9. Morbilli is the technical term for which childhood illness: Mumps; Whooping cough; or Measles?
  10. Native to Australia, what creature is a pardalote (which in Greek means 'spotted'): Fish; Bird; or Dog?
  11. Originating in early central American culture, where on the body would a huarache be worn: Foot; Head; or Arm?
  12. The world's largest electricity generating plant (as at 2010), the Three Gorges Dam, is in which country: Argentina; China; or Canada?
  13. Cryptozoology refers to the study of creatures which are: Underground; Dead; or Mythical?
  14. In the 1991 film Reservoir Dogs, Michael Madson played which character? Mr Blonde; Mr Orange; or Mr Brown?
  15. Ombrophobia is an irrational fear of what: Men; Rain; or Alcohol?
  16. Russian musician Maxim Vengerov is famous for playing which instrument: Piano; Flute; or Violin?
  17. Who wrote the play, Look Back In Anger: Arthur Miller; Tom Stoppard; or John Osborne?
  18. What job did Kurt Russell's character have in the 1987 film Overboard: Plumber; Carpenter; or Electrician?
  19. Chicago's St Valentine's Day Massacre (of seven Bugs Moran gang members by those of Al Capone) was in which year: 1919; 1929; or 1939?
  20. How many Grand Slam doubles (including mixed doubles) titles did Martina Navratilova win: 11; 21; or 41?
  21. Which chemical element was once used (with hindsight, irresponsibly and dangerously) in luminous markings on watches, clocks and instrument dials: Radium; Plutonium; or Uranium?
  22. Myosis affects which part of the human body: Neck; Stomach; or Eye?
  23. Leoprine relates to which animals: Leopards; Hares; or Goats;
  24. English novelist William Godwin fathered which novelist daughter: George Eliot; Mary Shelley; or Jane Austen?
  25. Which of these words produces a new word each time a letter is removed, until and including the last remaining letter: Startling; Roadsweeper; or Benchmarking?
  26. What is the biggest selling English-language daily newspaper in India, and (as at 2010) the eighth biggest selling of all newspapers globally: The Times of India; The Indian Sun; or The Indian Independent?
  27. Hangi is a traditional New Zealand Maori method of cooking using a: Spit; Pit; or Clay oven?
  28. What colour is the gemstone peridot: Blue; Yellow; or Green?
  29. 2009 was the Chinese Year of the what: Dragon; Ox; or Rat?
  30. Pilliwinks was a medieval instrument of torture used mainly on which part of the body: Fingers and thumbs; Feet; or Head?


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