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quizballs 95 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


Every answer is a colour or contains a colour. (US-English, color.)


  1. What ball is worth three points in snooker?
  2. Name Francis Drake's ship, in which he circumnavigated the globe, 1577-80?
  3. What skin and eye colouring is associated with jaundice?
  4. What is Mick Hucknell's band?
  5. Ireland is known as The 'what' Isle?
  6. What term refers to a plan or template?
  7. Name the renowned shirt maker in Jermyn Street, London?
  8. What was mined extensively in Cyprus in Roman times, which took its name from the country?
  9. Name Jepser Christiensen's character in the James Bond films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace?
  10. Hyacinthoides is the scientific name for what protected (in the UK) spring flowering plant?
  11. The equal combination of green and blue light, and the C in CMYK color printing, are what?
  12. If this were a cryptic crossword clue it could be 'Poetic Irish county'?
  13. What is the common name of the Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages?
  14. What is a tone of photography which results from or gives the effect of age?
  15. What sea has the port city Arkhangelsk (Archangel in English) and Onega Bay?
  16. What is the longest river in South Africa?
  17. What comes from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree?
  18. What semi-precious stone decorated Tutankhamun's burial mask, and is the colour of the American Robin's eggs?
  19. What is normally green, but can be yellow too, after a French herbal liqueur, introduced by Carthusian Monks in the 1700s?
  20. What colour is Tyrian, a dye highly prized by the Romans?
  21. Name the London borough and Royal Observatory site which marks international time?
  22. Prince Andrew served for twenty-two years with what organization?
  23. What pigment especially associated with oil painting, derives its name from heat treatment and a Tuscany city?
  24. The TV presenter and journalist born Kim Taylor in November 1960 is better known by what name?
  25. Caroline Lucas is head of what UK organization?
  26. Who was English King from 1688/9-1702?
  27. What would you find at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington?
  28. What is China's second largest river?
  29. What is the negatively emphatic expression in the USA for the smallest amount of money?
  30. What college in New Cross is part of the University of London?
  31. Convert rawhide to leather?
  32. Name the low-cost private domestic airline based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India?
  33. The Whirlwind is which snooker player's nickname?
  34. Which Formula One Grand Prix Circuit includes Maggotts Corner, Wellington Straight, and Farm Curve?
  35. Which actor and musician is lead vocalist of rock band Tenacious D?
  36. What is shade of brown derives from the Latin name for the European Mole, and is (according to Wikipedia) the most popular colour of leather sofas?
  37. What colour is a 'double-word' square on a Scrabble board?
  38. What is prestigious and precious and has the ISO currency code of XPT?
  39. What is the dabbling duck whose Common 'eye-patched' variety is the smallest of all dabblers?
  40. What colour derives from the Latin root word meaning shade?


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