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quizballs 93 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. How many triangles are on a backgammon board?
  2. What geographic term for a bay derives originally from the Greek word kolpos meaning bosom?
  3. What condiment brand features the Palace of Westminster on its label?
  4. A symbol comprising three dots, which if joined form an upright equilateral triangle, represents what word?
  5. What is the main element of pewter, used for tableware and vases, etc?
  6. The tennis club which hosts the Wimbledon Championships was founded originally in 1868 for playing which sport?
  7. What word, from Latin meaning 'I shall please' refers to a control substance used in drug trials which has no chemical effect?
  8. In which city is the Galileo Galilei airport: Barcelona; Zurich; Pisa; or Helsinki?
  9. Who is the only woman, up until 2010, ever to have run for leadership of the British Labour Party?
  10. Richard Beckinsale's character Alan Moore featured in which in UK TV series?
  11. Which Caribbean island, especially capital city Plymouth, suffered long term devastation after the previously dormant Soufriere Hills Volcano began erupting in 1995?
  12. Fremantle prison, which was closed in 1991 and is now a heritage site, is in which country?
  13. Bibliomania is the compulsive collecting or hoarding of what?
  14. What is the technical term for the hollow at the back of the knee, sometimes called the knee pit?
  15. Name the Green Party leader and its first parliamentary MP, who won the Brighton Pavilion seat in the UK May 2010 general election?
  16. The Hundred Years War, during the 13th and 14th centuries, was fought between which two countries?
  17. IPO - the UK government agency responsible for the protection of ideas, patents, copyright, etc., stands for what?
  18. In 1834 who invented raised point writing using a six dot system enabling the blind to read?
  19. The archaeological site of the ancient city of Troy is in which country?
  20. A navarin casserole is cooked using which type of meat?
  21. Whose state funeral was on 15 December 1840, nineteen years after his death and burial in an unmarked grave?
  22. What word, orginally meaning female slave in Greek, refers to a woman who gives support and help to a pregnant woman before, during and after childbirth?
  23. In Japan the word Mikado originally referred to what: the emperor; a theatre; an early form of electoral proportional representation; or sushi rice?
  24. What country's name derives from an Iroquois word for village?
  25. What is a car marque, a software company and the national flower of Egypt?
  26. Which Shakespeare character is known as The Moor of Venice?
  27. What is the previous and common alternative name of the Indian city Mumbai?
  28. Which city, home to Coca-Cola HQ, hosted the 1996 Summer Olympic games?
  29. Loosely translated, Aleph Beth Gimel Daleth are the first four letters of what alphabet: Inuit; Hebrew; Portuguese; or Tellytubby?
  30. In a right-angled triangle whose shortest sides are eight and six metres how long is the other side?


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