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quizballs 89 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What shape is cordate?
  2. US Aviator Lawrence Burst Sperry (1892-1923) has attracted suggestions of being the founder of the 'Mile High Club' due to his invention of which flight aid?
  3. Mycology is the study of what: fungi; greed; the mind; or myspace?
  4. Who wrote the novel The French Lieutenant's Woman?
  5. What is the state capital of South Australia?
  6. How many grams are in a hectogram?
  7. Which is the only Charles Dickens novel with a female narrator?
  8. Copoclephily is the collecting of what: police paraphernalia; co-op tokens; keyrings; or mermaid figures?
  9. Budapest lies on which river?
  10. Who was the 20th US president, the second to be assassinated, and the second shortest serving?
  11. Otoplasty is the surgical alteration of what external body parts?
  12. Which animal represents the Chinese year 2010?
  13. A pickerel is a young what: pike; bird; platypus; or elephant?
  14. What is the large island state of Australia, 150 miles from its south east edge?
  15. What same three words are in the titles of biographical books about Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Ben Hogan, Benjamin Franklin, Condoleeza Rice and Dr Spock?
  16. What type of creature has the family name howler?
  17. What was first and last European colony in China?
  18. Which eastern European country, called Hrvatska in its own language, has the international vehicle registration code HR?
  19. Which popular UK TV police series started as a pilot episode called 'Woodentop' in 1983?
  20. What type of alcoholic drink is Manzanilla?
  21. A Gibus or Chapeau Claque is what sort of top hat, originally popular at the opera: white; collapsible; exploding; or made of beaver-skin?
  22. By what name is footballer Edison Arantes do Nascimento better known?
  23. In which European country is the Caledonian Canal?
  24. In 1725 King George the First created what British chivalric honour, whose original ceremony entailed bodily cleansing?
  25. In astrology the constellation Leo represents the Lion slain by whom?
  26. Whom did Pat Cash defeat in the 1987 Wimbledon Men's Singles Final?
  27. Ergophobia is the irrational fear or what: working; oneself; snails; or the future?
  28. Donatello's 15th century bronze statue of David, at the Bergello Museum in Florence, Italy, has what significantly at his feet?
  29. What spirit usually goes into the making of a mint julep?
  30. What is the chemical name for Laughing Gas?


quizballs 89 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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