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quizballs 86 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. From what language does the phrase Kia Ora come?
  2. What one of these is a metallic chemical element? Brass, Barium, Steel, Sterling Silver, Pewter?
  3. The energy of what is measured by the Richter magnitude scale?
  4. The analytical model acronym SLEPT refers to what traditional external areas of influence on a business?
  5. The city of Vienna in Austria lies on which river?
  6. At a 2010 Cheltenham festival Katie Walsh received a four day ban for excessive use of what: a car-horn; offensive language; artificial flavouring; or the whip?
  7. What flower is the national emblem of Wales?
  8. What is the German equivalent of the British 'Ltd' and the American 'LLC' company designations (meaning Limited Company)?
  9. The Followill brothers and cousin, known by their middle names Nathan, Caleb, Jared and Matthew, are members of which rock band?
  10. What trade union was deplored by Gordon Brown for its actions in the 2010 British Airways cabin staff dispute?
  11. In Rugby Union what position does the number 15 play?
  12. The 6th century book attributed to Sun Tzu often appied to leadership is called The Art of... what: War; Peace; Kung-Fu; or Poppy-Farming?
  13. Valentine and Proteus are the central characters in what Shakespeare play?
  14. What organization famously distributes bibles to hotel rooms?
  15. Often called 'The Lost City of the Incas', the 15th century ruins of Machu Picchu are in which country?
  16. Where in the human body are the metacarpals?
  17. What building in Pall Mall, commissioned by Henry VIII around 1532, is the administrative centre of the British monarchy?
  18. ISO 9000 and its series of international quality management system standards used in industry and commerce, effectively superseded what British Standard number?
  19. What country comprises the peninsula of Jutland and over 400 islands including Zealand and Funen?
  20. What is the expression of final victory, originally French, referring to the killing of a badly wounded enemy soldier or animal?
  21. Sunningdale golf club is in which county of the UK?
  22. What is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet, and also a terrorist organization?
  23. What is the website address of the United Nations?
  24. Pentatonic, hexatonic, and heptatonic are types of what?
  25. The word piste, referring to a ski-run, means literally what in French: fast; jelly-legged; track; or snow?
  26. The colour printing model CMYK stands for what?
  27. The reforms known as Perestroika were introduced into Russia by which Soviet leader?
  28. What health-related metaphor refers to a form of internet marketing which spreads from user to user on a wide scale?
  29. How many modern pence are in a guinea?
  30. What unusual and distinctive item of apparel does the Bazooka Joe bubblegum character wear?


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