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quizballs 79 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The North England town of Beverley is named after what creature?
  2. Köppen-Geiger is the name of a classification system for what?
  3. What was the first invention to break the sound barrier?
  4. What is the most common bird in the world?
  5. The Greek word Xero (pronounced zero) in xerography and related terminology means what?
  6. Dove vive? (pronounced 'dovay veevay') means 'where do you live?' in what language?
  7. In astronomy and metaphorical language what is the opposite of zenith?
  8. The Latin abbreviation 'cf.' commonly in dictionary definitions means what in English?
  9. What is the standard geometric name for a regular quadrilateral?
  10. What inventor was nicknamed The Wizard of Menlo Park?
  11. In which year were car tax discs launched in the UK?
  12. Diabolism is the worship of what?
  13. The Centigrade temperature scale is also known commonly by what name?
  14. Who was the prime minister of Rhodesia from 1965-79?
  15. In the 2001 film Black Hawk Down what is the Black Hawk?
  16. Which actor was the puppet character from TV's Stingray said to have been modelled on?
  17. Former FBI director W Mark Felt revealed himself in 2005 to be what codenamed whistleblower?
  18. What traditionally represents a fifth year wedding anniversary?
  19. In physics what single word term normally represents 'rate of change of position'?
  20. What is the name of the blue rose unveiled by Japanese company Suntory in October 2009?
  21. The word 'wiki', as in Wikipedia, means what, and in what language?
  22. Who produced, directed and narrated the best film Oscar winning 1952 movie The Greatest Show On Earth?
  23. The Order of the British Empire was founded by which monarch?
  24. At which castle was Mary Queen of Scots beheaded?
  25. In the human body what is the common name for hemicrania?
  26. Which Beatle was first to become a grandfather?
  27. Elsanta is a variety of which fruit?
  28. What was the submarine developed by US engineer Robert Fulton in 1803?
  29. Who captained the 2009 England women's cricket team?
  30. Martin Van Buren was president of which country in the 19th century?
  31. The Buddy Holly song That'll Be the Day is said to have been inspired by what John Wayne film?
  32. In the 1952 Olympic Games who won gold medals in the 5,000 metres, 10,000 metres and marathon?
  33. TR is the international car registration for which country?
  34. Whose second 'breadfruit voyage' as captain was on the ship HMS Providence, 1791-94?
  35. What animal is a brocket?
  36. In law what does the old term 'felo de se' mean?
  37. Which playing card is known as the Curse of Scotland?
  38. In computing what does DOS stand for?
  39. What is the tenth and final day of the Hindu festival of Navrati called?
  40. Who wrote the classic two-part 19th century German play Faust?




quizballs 79 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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