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quizballs 78 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What does the Regina mean in the British Queen's official title Elizabeth Regina?
  2. What formal two-word term refers to the investigation before completing a business investment or acquisition?
  3. People born between about 1960-1980 are often referred to as Generation what?
  4. What note is the second (second highest) string on a guitar when tuned to standard concert pitch?
  5. In Britain a hamlet traditionally became a village when it acquired: a school, church, pub, or post-office?
  6. Donald Tusk became the prime minister of which country in November 2007?
  7. Called Coleoptera, meaning sheathed wing, what commonly known order of creatures contains more species than any other?
  8. The symbol ∞ (sideways 8) means what in mathematics?
  9. Who was Henry the Eighth's sixth wife?
  10. In poker which two-card combination has various cryptic nicknames related to dogs?
  11. What type of food is taleggio?
  12. Which playwright wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?
  13. What does a Leyden jar store?
  14. Which singer/musician was born Steveland Judkins?
  15. Which organisation retains copyright ownership of the laws of cricket?
  16. MICEX is the major stock exchange of which country?
  17. The country Myanmar is still known in many parts of the world by what prior name?
  18. In which English midlands city was author Alan Sillitoe born?
  19. Who was the target of an assassination plot in the 1978 film Foul Play?
  20. In UK road traffic lights what commonly follows a single amber light: red, green, red and amber, or green and amber?
  21. The American Academy of Arts and Sciences was founded in which city in 1780?
  22. In which country was the painter Ford Madox Brown born?
  23. A logophile is a lover of what?
  24. What is a line on a map called which connects points of equal temperature?
  25. Loosehead is a position in which sport?
  26. Which country had the Roman name Cambria?
  27. What word, meaning something left in a will, refers to an old and incompatible organisational computing system?
  28. Alpha, Nevada and Snow Crown are types of which vegetable?
  29. What was the name of the Space Shuttle which exploded after take-off in January 1986?
  30. Which American writer said of golf, 'a good walk spoiled' ?
  31. Which year saw the last commercial hovercraft English Channel crossing?
  32. What is the medical condition Herpes Zoster commonly called?
  33. What breed of dog is known as the Carriage Dog (because they were trained to run with horse-drawn carriages as guard dogs)?
  34. The Futhark is what type of alphabet?
  35. In which country is Timbuktu?
  36. Who in the 1940s invented the Aqua-Lung?
  37. What is the furcula of a bird more commonly called?
  38. What is the title of Thomas Hardy's last novel?
  39. Genuphobia is the irrational fear of what part of the body?
  40. Lake Pontchartrain is in which US state?



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