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quizballs 76 - free big 2009 year quiz - general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What cult movie spoof rock band reunited at Glastonbury 2009?
  2. Veronica Lario was much in the news as the angry wife of which womanising European leader?
  3. What search engine did Microsoft launch in 2009?
  4. Cartoonist and screenwriter Millard Kaufman, who died in March 2009, created which short-sighted character?
  5. What two iconic record labels celebrated their 50th anniversaries in 2009?
  6. In two minutes, Amanda Dutta Tumuly achieved a new Guinness world record by eating fifty-one what in two minutes, each rated over one million on the Scoville Scale?
  7. Which budget store chain reported record sales of £400m and claimed to be the UK biggest seller of batteries?
  8. Which computer game invented by Alexi Pajitnov celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009?
  9. Debate continued about whether to build Heathrow's what (3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th) runway?
  10. Whose tour kicked off at Rustenburg on 30 May 2009?
  11. According to a ruling in 2009 by the UK Advertising Standards Authority what could women be shown to do in TV adverts before 11pm?
  12. What supposedly racist nickname for fellow player Kolin Dhillon was Prince Charles alleged to have used at his polo club?
  13. Who won the 2009 BBC Sports Personality Award?
  14. Which monarch's 500th anniversary of accession was featured on a 2009 commemorative £5 coin?
  15. Corcoram State Prison California released a new photo of which 74 year old cult-leading mass murderer?
  16. Who aged 65 became the oldest Britain to climb Mount Everest, as at 2009?
  17. In 2009 the Tamil Tigers conceded defeat as a rebel force in which country's civil war?
  18. Sonia Sotomayor in 2009 became the first Latino or Hispanic person to be selected for which US institution?
  19. What newspaper first exposed the UK parliamentary expenses scandal?
  20. What successful Broadway musical written by Mel Brooks opened controversially in Berlin?
  21. Which previous Governor of the Bank of England died in April 2009?
  22. Who in 2009 became Britain's first individual diving world champion?
  23. Mir Hossein Mousavi was the beaten opponent in which country's presidential election?
  24. American doctor George Tiller was shot dead in Kansas in June 2009 by an activist protesting against what?
  25. Who beat seven foot tall boxer Nikolay Valuev to become the new WBA heavyweight champion?
  26. The 2009 UK budget announced what tax rate (effective April 2010) for earners of more than £150,000 per year?
  27. in 2009 campaigners in Barcelona heightened demands to clean up what famous avenue?
  28. What famous sportsman starred in the 2009 film Looking for Eric?
  29. Which former US Secretary of State returned to academia in 2009 to teach political science at Stanford University?
  30. Who won the 2009 Bafta for best leading actor?
  31. What UK government minister claimed, received and subsequently paid back parliamentary expenses of £500 for painting a summer house?
  32. What iconic American mode of transport was introduced to the UK in August 2009?
  33. Caster Semenya was subjected to a badly handled inquiry into what?
  34. What TV newsman, often voted the most trusted man in America, died in July 2009?
  35. What product launched in India called Sakshat ('before your eyes') with the incredible selling price of 500 rupees (about £7)?
  36. Who beat Tom Watson in the 2009 British Open Golf Championship play-off?
  37. Who fought extradition to the US for allegedly hacking into Pentagon and NASA computers while investigating UFOs?
  38. What band won best international album and group awards at the 2009 Brits?
  39. What socially responsible brand was added to Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate in July 2009?
  40. Through much of 2009 former shareholders of what UK bank sought compensation from the UK government?
  41. Who topped the Forbes' list of the world's most powerful women in 2009?
  42. Real name Alecia Moore, which colourful US diva sold out three London O2 dates in May 2009?
  43. In which island nation were president Marc Ravalomanama's offices stormed by his own country's army in March 2009?
  44. Name the UK prime minister's aide who quit after his ideas for a smear campaign against Conservative ministers were revealed in spring 2009?
  45. Which two clubs contested the 2009 Heinekin Rugby Union Final?
  46. Tidjane Thiam became the first black FTSE 100 CEO when appointed to head what UK financial services company?
  47. The statue of which Royal person was unveiled in London's The Mall in February 2009?
  48. What Dutch satnav maker announced heavy losses in early 2009 due to market pressures?
  49. What date in 2009 saw the heaviest UK snowfall since 1991?
  50. Who won the 2009 Man Booker Prize for Fiction?
  51. Which government minister agreed to pay £13,332 in capital gains tax owed from the sale of a second home, whose avoidance was revealed during the parliamentary expenses scandal?
  52. Which US car maker sold its fleet of novelty collectible vehicles including John Paul II's 'Popemobile'?
  53. John Towers, Nick Stephenson, John Edwards, and Peter Beale (the Phoenix Four) were criticised in a 2009 UK Government report for making vast personal gain while presiding over the collapse of which company?
  54. What street dance group won the UK 2009 Britain's Got Talent TV competition?
  55. What London attraction features on the 2009 commemorative British 50p coin?
  56. After new archaeological survey in 2009 what Asian construction was found to be 5% bigger than previously believed?
  57. Which UK TV presenter called Gordon Brown a 'one-eyed Scottish idiot' ?
  58. What sports TV company formed in 1990 got into financial difficulty and ceased its British broadcasting activities in 2009?
  59. Sir Edward and Lady Joan Downes made the headlines in July 2009 for their joint what?
  60. Whose album Two Suns was nominated for the 2009 Mercury Music Prize?
  61. Which prolific Australian bastman retired in early 2009?
  62. Which famous media son and mogul joined the board of GlaxoSmithKline as non-executive director in Feb 2009?
  63. Which team lost the 2009 Superbowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers?
  64. Rachel Riley succeeded which long-standing UK TV gameshow celebrity in January 2009?
  65. What huge concert promotor and ticket seller coporations merged in 2009?
  66. Which medieval city was the centre of the Italian earthquake of April 2009?
  67. Jacob Zuma led the ANC party to election victory in which country's 2009 election?
  68. What actor who died in 2009 played TV's The Prisoner?
  69. Which boxer won a £1.8m claim against promotor Frank Warren in March 2009?
  70. Which celebrity fronted the successful campaign to grant UK residency rights to Gurkha soldiers?
  71. In what country was the Black Thursday of Action in January 2009?
  72. What England footballer successfully defended a charge of affray in July 2009?
  73. Who became Britain's 'best paid public servant' as the new head of Royal Bank of Scotland?
  74. The tragic videoed killing of Neda Agha-Soltan became iconic following what city's demonstrations?
  75. Jan Kaplicky the architect who died in 2009 designed the space-age-like building at what sports ground?
  76. Ferenc Gyurcsany resigned as prime minister of which country in March 2009?
  77. Which country won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest?
  78. Daniel Patrick Carroll, who died in May 2009 was an entertainer better known as whom?
  79. Who was deported from the US aged 89 to face a war crime trial in Germany?
  80. Duke D'Mond, who died aged 66 in 2009, was lead singer of which successful UK comedy pop group?
  81. What country was judged in 2009 by the Economist Intelligence Unit to be the safest in the world?
  82. Which ex-leader secured a book deal with Random House in March 2009 provisionally titled Decision Points?
  83. Who resigned in 2009 as Speaker of the UK House of Commons?
  84. Which famous music manager of the Beatles and Rolling Stones died in 2009?
  85. What university-related company and oldest operating book publisher in the world announced major job cuts in April 2009?
  86. Rose Davis, who died in February 2009, led what famous 1970s campaign, whose slogan appeared on many London walls and bridges?
  87. Who won the 2009 Australian men's tennis Open Championship?
  88. What pop star was jailed in 2009 for assaulting a male escort?
  89. What in January 2009 did David Miliband significantly denounce as a 'mistaken concept'?
  90. Who was nominated for the best actress Oscar in the film Doubt?
  91. Which comedian received a Special Achievement Award at the 2009 BBC Sports Personality of the Year event?
  92. Which writer, whose works include Rumpole of the Bailey, died in January 2009?
  93. Criticised for alleged equality and diversity failings in 2009, what does sports body LOCOG stand for?
  94. Hans Bech who died in 2009 invented what popular toy figures?
  95. Government minister Hilary Benn suggested in 2009 a single standard for UK food expiry labelling based on what term: 'sell by', 'use by', 'best before', or 'scratch and sniff'?
  96. The son of which iconic communist was alleged to have been compromised by an eight-month internet romance with 'Claudia', a 46 year-old male Florida prankster?
  97. Actor Laurence Payne who died in February 2009, aged 89, played which fictional detective on TV?
  98. Andy Murray became the first British man to win what tennis tournament since Bunny Austin in 1938?
  99. Dorothy Hughes and Winifred Phillips became at 85 years old the first what?
  100. Which football club bought Ronaldo from Manchester United for £80m?
  101. What architect and peer accused Prince Charles of unconstitutional abuse of power?
  102. Utegate was a political scandal involving a car dealer and the prime minister of which country?
  103. What leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) admitted ironically to receiving over £2m expenses in ten years from the EU, used chiefly for UKIP's promotion of anti-EU policies?
  104. Divya Narenda and the Winklevoss twins, founders of the Connectu and Harvardconnection websites, agreed to a financial settlement from which big internet corporation?
  105. In January 2009 which Asian city introduced a five year prison penalty for carrying a plastic shopping bag?
  106. UK 2009 summer weather conditions prompted fears of a plague of harlequins - what insects are these?
  107. Legal action by 30,000 Ivory Coast people was brought against which company for the allged dumping of toxic waste?
  108. Which country won the 2009 rugby Six Nations Grand Slam?
  109. What was the first predominantly muslim country visited by Barak Obama after becoming US president?
  110. Which controversial politician resigned as Governor of Alaska in July 2009?
  111. Manuel Zelaya was ousted by military coup as leader of what Central American country?
  112. Which Sussex town hosted the G20 Summit in March 2009?
  113. John Lydon (Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) fronted which dairy product ad campaign?
  114. Who was appointed European Ryder Cup Captain in 2009?
  115. US Jazz guitarist Huey Long who died aged 105 was a member of which famous 1940s male vocal group?
  116. Iftikhar Chaudrey was reinstated as Minister of Justice of which country after massive protests?
  117. England's humiliating defeat in their first game of the cricket World Twenty20 Championship was by whom?
  118. In 2009 Coca-Cola paid £30m for a minority share of which UK 'smoothie' drinks company?
  119. Which banker drew strong negative publicity relating to his failed leadership of RBS and substantial pension arrangements?
  120. Which Swedish ex-world heavyweight boxing champion died in February 2009?
  121. Which actor returned to ER in 2009 to huge acclaim?
  122. What was Sophie Kinsella's best selling book of 2009?
  123. Swiss insurance company SUVA launched a campaign in January 2009 urging slower what?
  124. In 2009 who became English football's most capped outfield player?
  125. The phrase 'HDTV is worth every cent' became featured in which TV show's opening sequence?
  126. What politician nicknamed 'the big beast' returned to the Conservative party shadow cabinet?
  127. Which country hosted the 2009 world cycling track championships?
  128. What successful racehorse trainer died on 1 June 2009?
  129. Who created and played the title character of the 2009 film Bruno?
  130. Which UK pornographer and news mogul lost a libel action against biographer Tom Bower in July 2009?
  131. In a 2009 revenge attack on a philandering Wisconsin man, by his wife, lover and other girlfriend what did they stick with superglue to his stomach?
  132. The town of Winnenden, where a deranged teenager massacred 15 school children, is in which country?
  133. Who won the 2009 F1 British Grand Prix?
  134. Name the convicted Lockerbie bomber released in August 2009?
  135. Which film won the 2009 Bafta for best special visual effects?
  136. The reform charity Transform reported in 2009 that the legalisation of what would save UK taxpayers between £4.6 and £13.9bn per year?
  137. Who took over as Chelsea Football Club manager in February 2009?
  138. Who came third in the UK X-Factor 2009?
  139. Which soccer player maintained his record of playing and and scoring in every Premier League season?
  140. What is Google's 'city panorama' service called, launched in the UK in March 2009?
  141. What did Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Timoshenko change about her appearance which shocked commentators in 2009?
  142. In Killarney, Ireland, Mark Davis became the the first 'Six-Red' world champion in which sport?
  143. Which car's 50th anniversary was featured on a Royal Mint 2009 commemorative coin?
  144. Who bought the bankrupt Woolworths company in February 2009?
  145. Who in 2009 ended Rafael Nadal's 4 year run of 31 wins in the French Open Championship?
  146. As Corpus Christi captain in the University Challenge quiz show who made the news for her remarkable points-scoring?
  147. To the nearest trillion dollars, what total value of coins and banknotes were estimated by Peruvian economics expert Hernando de Soto to be in circulation in the world in March 2009?
  148. Fayette Pinkney who died aged 61 was a founder member of which famous US vocal trio?
  149. French wine makers objected to EU plans to allow the blending of which sort of wine?
  150. Which writer's inkwell and walking cane inscribed with 'cell C33' sold at auction for £7,725 in March 2009?
  151. Who transferred from Anfield to White Hart Lane for £16m in February 2009?
  152. Australian novelist Harry Nicholaides was jailed in January 2009 for insulting the monarchy in which country?
  153. Whose 100th anniversary was celebrated on a 2009 £2 coin?
  154. Which MP's expenses claims included £6,990 for roof repairs submitted two days before leaving office, and substantial part of the interest on a £296,000 remortgage, used to finance the purchase of an additional London property?
  155. Who brought a legal suit against Michael Jackson in early 2009 claiming a share of profits from the Thriller video?
  156. Which company began a hostile takeover bid for Cadbury in September 2009?
  157. Which bankrupt UK construction firm was scrutinised in 2009 for having an £11m ruby on its balance sheet?
  158. Sales of which iconic alcoholic drink were announced to have declined by a third over ten years in its home country?
  159. Which Welsh town had its first public showing of the film Life of Brian in March 2009 afer a 30 year ban?
  160. Which two football clubs contested the 2009 European Champions League Final?
  161. According to a Global Property study where in 2009 is the most expensive property in the world?
  162. What animal was chosen to be the 'Angel of the South'?
  163. Tzipi Livni led her Kadima party in what country's elections?
  164. What website founded by Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey was never out of the news in 2009?
  165. Indian coporation Tata launched a 100,000 rupee (£1,350) new what in 2009?
  166. Name the British mercenary given a presidential pardon from his 34 year jail term for his part in a failed coup in Equatorial Guinea?
  167. Which comic strip footballer was re-published in a classic collection in April 2009?
  168. In what country did President Hugo Chavez disagree with Coca-Cola about land for housing?
  169. Which fast bowler took five wickets for eleven runs in England's 51 all out against the West Indies?
  170. The crowd crush at Birmingham's Millennium Point occurred during a performance by which pop group?
  171. What new biodegradable product launched in the UK under the Chicza Rainforest brand?
  172. Ben Collins was 'outed' in January 2009 as which mysterious TV character?
  173. Which UK 'doorstep' loan company collapsed in 2009 with £2.4bn debts?
  174. What was the name of the British submarine which collided with the French submarine Le Triomphant in February 2009?
  175. What did Eric Holder (new US Attorney General) define as torture that Dick Cheney said was not?
  176. Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander was a failed bank of which country?
  177. Who won Best British Group at the 2009 Brit Awards?
  178. In January 2009 a trolley from which closed-down London restaurant fetched £12,000 at auction?
  179. Who replaced BBC Radio 1's daily morning show DJ Jo Wiley in 2009?
  180. Carol Ann Duffy became the UK's first female what?
  181. What controversial incendiary ingredient was Israel accused of using in bombings of Gaza?
  182. Which UK organisation announced the creation of a thousand new garden allotments in February 2009?
  183. A US Airways Airbus ditched into which river after hitting a flock of birds in January 2009?
  184. In what sport did Miyabiyama defeat Chiyotaikai in Osaka in March 2009?
  185. Which singer made the news for objecting to her songs being sold on a compilation CD by the British National Party?
  186. What did Russian cargo ship Sinegorsk lose 1,500 tones of in the English Channel?
  187. The BBC and Sky refused controversially to broadcast an appeal for where in January 2009?
  188. The 2009 'Bloodgate' rugby union scandal centred on which club?
  189. What TV show became the first cartoon series nominated for an Emmy since the Flintstones?
  190. Who lost 2-1 to Chelsea in the 2009 FA Cup?
  191. Which UK government minister claimed parliamentary expenses for an 88p bath plug and porn movies? (amusingly her husband Richard Timney used the films, and presumably submitted the claim, since her expenses included his £40,000 salary for running her constituency office)
  192. Which singer-songwriter of Baker Street was mistakenly reported missing?
  193. Tycoon Allen Stanford, whose business empire collapsed in 2009, was chiefly associated with which sport?
  194. Unusually for a lady, Peruvian Conchita Cintron who died aged 86 in February 2009, was a famous what?
  195. Ngati Toa, a New Zealand tribal group won the intellectual property rights to what?
  196. What horse won the 2009 Grand National?
  197. Farah Fawcett, who died in 2009, played which character in TV's Charlie's Angels?
  198. Who was the first female president of the Philipines, who died in August 2009?
  199. Which club did Thierry Henri play for in the 2008-9 European Champions League?
  200. In March 2009 organisers announced the cancellation of what big biennial UK show run since 1903?
  201. In December 2009 Ford agreed to sell which famous car subsidiary to China's Zhejiang Geely group?
  202. Which past heavyweight world champion boxer visited his great grandfather's birthplace, Ennis, Ireland?
  203. Which country was suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations in 2009?
  204. The European Union banned the manufacture of which wattage incandescent light-bulb in 2009?
  205. Which country reversed a ruling banning Muslims from attending a Black-Eyed Peas concert in 2009?
  206. According to UK research in 2009 on average how many TV ads do viewers see each day, 25; 43; 105 or 207?
  207. In which Los Angeles memorial park was Michael Jackson buried?
  208. Ryan Tubridy took over which Irish (and world's longest running) TV chat show?
  209. Which South Pacific island nation became the first in the 21st century to change its driving on the road from right to left?
  210. A large statue of Apollo was discovered at a Unesco Heritage site in which country?
  211. Which two mobile phone networks agreed to merge their UK businesses in September 2009?
  212. What international organization did Albania and Croatia join on 1st April 2009?
  213. Which African country replaced most of its senior police officers after they were blamed for post-election violence?
  214. Vladimir Voronin resigned as the president of which country?
  215. What Israeli war film, named after the country of conflict featured in it, won the Golden Lion at the 2009 Venice Film Festival?
  216. Ten paintings by which US artist were stolen from the private collection of Richard Wiseman in Los Angeles?
  217. Which Belgian won the 2009 US Open Women's Tennis Singles Championship?
  218. Yukio Hatoyama was sworn in as the sixtieth prime minister of which country?
  219. For her performance in what film did Kate Winslet win her 2009 best actress Oscar?
  220. The Raptorex Kriegsteini, as smaller version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, was discovered in which country?
  221. Becky Simmon of Guernsey and Lisa Cummings of Ireland were first from their islands to swim what stretch of water respectively once and both ways?
  222. Who in 2009 became the oldest person to have an album in the UK charts?
  223. Arthur's Day celebrated the 250th anniversary of the signing of the lease for which brewery?
  224. A painting by which surrealist artist was stolen from a Brussels museum?
  225. Who was arrested in Zurich on a 31 year old US warrant?
  226. Whose award-winning essay, written when a ten year old, was discovered in Liverpool's Central Library after more than fifty years?
  227. Which US city lost its bid to host the Summer 2016 Olympics?
  228. What was the name of the typhoon which hit the Philippines in October 2009?
  229. What was the descriptive and related name given to a smaller prehistoric site discovered near Stonehenge?
  230. A new ring was discovered around which planet in 2009?
  231. The Red Book, first published in 2009, largely unseen for 70 years, was written by what notable Swiss Psychiatrist?
  232. What US corporation sold Hummer to the Chinese in 2009?
  233. Which author's funeral took place in Baltimore US, 160 years after his death?
  234. The painting La Bella Principessa was attributed to which artist and inventor using fingerprint evidence?
  235. Singer Jade Ewen joined which girl band?
  236. What country first declared internet broadband access to be a legal right?
  237. Which female pop singer made her Bollywood cinema debut in the film Blue?
  238. Which island nation held the world's first underwater cabinet meeting to publicize global warming?
  239. What show did UK Channel 4 head Julian Bellamy say was the station's most influential and popular programme of the last decade?
  240. What was Jenson Button's championship-clinching finishing place in the 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix?
  241. Whose 2009 tour titled The Red Piano was partly cancelled due to ill health?
  242. What Tory MP was found to have claimed unsuccessfully on his parliamentary expenses for a floating duck island?
  243. What did US state Rhode Island outlaw after 29 years of decriminalization?
  244. Which baseball team won the 2009 World Series?
  245. Which band performed a massive controversial concert at the Brandenberg Gate celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall?
  246. Ratu Epeli Nailatakau was sworn in as president of which country?
  247. Ant-monarchy protestors clashed with riot police in Montreal during a tour by which British royal person?
  248. For the first time since WWI leaders of which two countries appeared together at a 2009 Remembrance Day ceremony?
  249. What did NASA claim to have discovered after the LCROSS satellite crashed on the Moon?
  250. Which US actor and film director was made a Commander of the Legion d'Honneur in 2009?
  251. The US marijuana cafe opened in which state?
  252. Which country qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1982 after beating Bahrain in a play-off?
  253. What's the value per household of the UK cold weather payment to low income households, as triggered by seven days freezing weather conditions in late 2009?
  254. Doctor Brooke Magnanti came out as which best selling X-rated blogger?
  255. Human rights activist Kumi Naidoo became the first African to head which organization?
  256. The Original of Laura, an incomplete novel by which Russian author was published 32 years after his death?
  257. Who apologised for his handball foul which helped eliminate Ireland from the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals?
  258. Who announced in 2009 that they would end their long running US TV Talk Show in 2011?
  259. The European Court of Justice ruled airlines must compensate passengers for delays exceeding how many hours?
  260. What is big particle accelerator on the French-Swiss border, restarted in 2009 after extensive repairs?
  261. What strife-torn country's Football Association was suspended by FIFA due to interference by its government?
  262. Oasis of the Seas became the world's largest what, when completed in 2009?
  263. Two fingers and a tooth belonging to what famous father of science were rediscovered after being missing for over 100 Years?
  264. The Netherlands won the 2009 junior version of which international entertainment competition?
  265. What North England town lost vital bridges in the November 2009 floods and subsequently gained a new railway station?
  266. Which comedian was named outstanding newcomer at the 2009 London Evening Standard theatre awards?
  267. A 2009 referendum in which country banned the construction of new Islamic minarets?
  268. Which country saw court battles surrounding gay marriage and specifically the ceremony for Alex Freyre and Jose Maria Bello?
  269. The new Dreamliner passenger aircraft launched in 2009 is Boeing number what?
  270. A Ryanair jet slid off the runway at which Scottish airport?
  271. From whom did Susan Sarandon announce a split after a long partnership?
  272. Porfirio Lobo Sosa was elected president of which central American nation?
  273. Which band claimed the UK Christmas number one after an internet campaign against Simon Cowell's X-Factor?
  274. Who famously withdrew from his own Chevron World Challenge charity sports event?
  275. Herman Van Rompuy became first Permanent President of what?
  276. Operation Cobra's Anger was launched in what country?
  277. Who won a third term as Mayor of New York City in 2009?
  278. What city hosted the draw for the FIFA 2010 World Cup Finals?
  279. Which English town became the first to be twinned with Walt Disney World in Florida?
  280. The body of which country's former president was stolen from its grave a day before the anniversary of his death?
  281. Which city hosted the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference?
  282. What invertebrate species what filmed for the first time using a tool?
  283. In what TV soap did Tony confess to murdering Liam?
  284. What was Dan Brown's 2009 bestselling and Christmas number one book?
  285. Michale Schumacher announced his Formula One 2010 comeback would be with what team?
  286. Takuo Toda broke the world record for a paper plane flight, launched by hand from the ground, for what time: 8.5 seconds; 26.1 secs; 43.2 secs; or 97mins 6.2 secs?
  287. Ike Aronowitz who died age 86 in 2009 captained what vessel, subject of a highly symbolic book and film?
  288. Part of which iconic leader's palace was discovered by archaeologists in the Mediterranean Sea?
  289. Who was announced as the eleventh Dr Who, replacing the outgoing David Tennant?
  290. Nashville based Mac McAnally was named for the second consecutive year Musician of the Year at which 2009 awards event?
  291. During the parliamentary expenses scandal Speaker of the House John Bercow was revealed to have avoided capital gains tax on the sale of how many properties by 'flipping' his second home designation: none, one, two, or three?
  292. Discovered in 1996, element 112, symbol Cp, was added to the periodic table with what name, in honour of a famous astronomer?
  293. Which football club was the first to win the sextuple of all possible major competitions?
  294. What was the destination city of the plane carrying Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 'underpants bomber'?
  295. A hugely valuable little sculpted guitar recently recovered by police in Italy was made by which cubist artist for his daughter Paloma?
  296. What TV artist who helped popularise the Morph animated character died in 2009?
  297. Which Premier League football club was subject to a winding up petition by HM Revenue and Customs at the end of 2009?
  298. What UK airline went bust in December 2009 leaving thousands stranded?
  299. What irreverent publication founded by Chris Donald celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009?
  300. Richard Wright won what major 2009 arts award for his golden fresco in the Tate Britain gallery?


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