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  1. As at 2008 which corporation owns the brands Duracell, Braun and Gillette?
  2. Who was the first artist to appear at the new Wembley Stadium?
  3. In which year did the first Mersey road tunnel open?
  4. In which country was Imry Nagy twice Prime Minister, executed for treason in 1958 and reburied as a hero in 1989?
  5. Which English artist and engraver is famed for his paintings of horses?
  6. American jazz musician Art Tatum excelled on which instrument?
  7. What is the technical term for a solid figure with five plane (flat) faces?
  8. A boomslang is what type of creature?
  9. What is grandpa's name in the TV show The Munsters?
  10. In which country was Greenpeace founded?
  11. Who succeeded James Callaghan as leader of Britain's Labour Party?
  12. Which student of Socrates, and teacher of Aristole, wrote Republic?
  13. What is the name of the assembly of cardinals for the election of a pope?
  14. Chiromancy is the technical name for what pseudoscience (claimed but not proven to be scientific)?
  15. The Karnak Temple complex, dating back to the ancient city of Thebes, is in which country?
  16. As at 2008 what is the most popularly attended concert venue in the world (highest audience numbers per year)?
  17. Nanga Parbat, meaning 'naked mountain', the 9th highest in the world, is part of which mountain range?
  18. In which year was the United Nations founded?
  19. Which American singer's real name was Eunice Wayman?
  20. The ghost of great Dane dog Kabur, said to haunt Los Angeles Pet Cemetery, belonged to which 1920s screen idol?
  21. Who wrote Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?
  22. What country hosts the World Wife-Carrying Championships?
  23. What country temporarily renamed its currency Bolivar Fuerte (meaning strong Bolivar) while phasing out the use of the previous Bolivar alongside it?
  24. What vital mechanism did Elisha Otis invent in 1852?
  25. What is Earl's band called in the TV series My Name is Earl?
  26. Which British MP claims responsibility for introducing speed bumps ('sleeping policemen') to UK roads?
  27. Who holds the record for the longest televised successful golf putt (as at 2008)?
  28. Harrisburg is the capital of which US state?
  29. What are the Italian cheese balls whose name translates as 'small mouthfuls?
  30. What did Colonel Thomas Blood attempt to steal in 1671?



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