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quizballs 483 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. What bathing/spa trademark originates from its 1920s footbath radiated oxygen portmanteau?
  2. What word prefixes arcade, black, farthing, whistle and pinching to make five new terms?
  3. What word refers separately to mineral extraction and a hunted creature?
  4. Which of the 'four temperaments', secreted by mucous membrane, represents/refers to calmness?
  5. A paradiddle is a technique for what musical instrument?
  6. The maths symbol for 'therefore' is how many dots arranged as a triangle? 
  7. A semiconductor to amplify/switch signals and power is a: Capacitor; Transistor; Diode: or Battery?
  8. Human hair with low eumelanin and high pheomelanin is generally: Black; Grey; Blond; or Red?
  9. Which city is generally considered to host the largest carnival: London; New York; Paris; or Rio de Janeiro?
  10. The cassowary, rhea, and moa are/were (What?) birds: Sea; Flightless; Humming; or Mythical?
  11. What's the longest river in Asia?
  12. Which one of these is not a cruciferous vegetable: Brussels sprouts; Bok choy; Cauliflower; or Green beans?
  13. What does the media corporation name AOL stand for?
  14. What's the cube root of 512?
  15. Nickel silver, soft solder, and commercial bronze all contain: Gold; Sodium; Zinc; or Sugar?
  16. The old expression of surprise 'Gordon Bennett' (euphemism for 'Gor Blimey') is said based on a real American: Footballer; Singer; President; or Publisher?
  17. What is the Amazonian/Colombian mythical city and emperor named in Spanish 'The Golden One'?
  18. The pith of what wetland sedge plant was an ancient paper and Latin word-root for paper?
  19. The Greek goddess representing emptiness, which produced dark, night, the underworld and desire is: Void; Vacuum; Chaos; or Zero?
  20. What beverage brand was named in the 1940s from 'Pre-Gestee', a digestion aid?
  21. Elemental sulfur/sulphur is: Blue; Green; Yellow; or Red?
  22. "I am ashamed to tell you to how many figures I carried these computations," wrote Isaac Newton about what 'two-letter' number?
  23. What is a box in a table or spreadsheet for a data entry commonly called?
  24. Chiasmus is a dramatic literary/spoken device where a phrase is repeated: Louder; Quieter; Inverted; or Translated?
  25. In mathematics, infinity is actually: Circular; Endless; A negative; or A determined number?
  26. A quire is a variously interpreted measure of sheet: Metal; Paper; Lightening; or Music?


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