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quizballs 480 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the cube root of a million? 100 (100 x 100 x 100)
  2. The first Hilton Hotel, built by founder Conrad Hilton in 1925, is in: New York; Dallas; London; or Milton Keynes? Dallas
  3. A trattoria is an informal Italian: Dance; Opera; Restaurant; or Wedding? Restaurant
  4. 'Dailies', raw footage shot/reviewed daily to check quality in film production, is also called: Fasts; Quicks; Rushes; or Hurries? Rushes
  5. What is arguably the first globally popular rock musical, 1970/71: Starlight Express; Jesus Christ Superstar; Miss Saigon; or Cats? Jesus Christ Superstar (album 1970, Broadway debut 1971 - a few earlier rock musicals did not become globally popular - Separately, Godspell is c.1970/71 too and could be argued the first, depending on criteria)
  6. The ocelot, caracal, oncilla, and margay are wild: Cats; Dogs; Pigs; or Horses? Cats
  7. Potable refers to (What?) that is safe to consume: Meat; Water; Bread; or Drugs? Water
  8. What Indian-English word for a light lunch or afternoon tea is also a traditional confection of bisuits, syrup, cocoa, raisins and chocolate? Tiffin (derived from the old word 'tiffing' = drinking, esp tea, being the English/colonial Indian custom at that time of day)
  9. The world's largest arts festival, each August, founded 1947, is called/abbreviated the Edinburgh Festival: Border; Edge; Fray; or Fringe? Fringe (named 'Fringe' in 1948 referring to using many dissipated venues - the 2016 Fringe offered over 50,000 performances in nearly 300 venues)
  10. Russian/Bulgarian okrug/okrag, and German bezirk refer to an area of: Red brickwork; Nudist beach; Territorial administration; or Uncertainty? Territorial administration
  11. Neapolitan ice-cream is traditionally which three of: Chocolate; Banana; Strawberry; Coffee; Vanilla? Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla
  12. What universal building construction/repair system derives its name from catafalque, Old French, a coffin support? Scaffold (or scafolding)
  13. The expression 'Step up to the plate', meaning accept a challenge, derives from: Catering; Baseball; Railway; or Seismology? Baseball (the plate is the home base marker on the ground where the batter stands to receive the pitched ball)
  14. A pachyderm refers to an animal of which two characteristics: Wings; Large size; Thick skin; or Several Eyes? Large size and Thick skin (eg elephant, rhino, hippo)
  15. Murres, guillemots, auklets, and puffins are: Jewellery fastenings; Sea birds; Punctuation; or Cloud formations? Sea birds (of the auk family)
  16. Which vast online non-profit organization was launched in January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger? Wikipedia
  17. The mixed food of Near East/Balkans/Central Asia (Persian for 'taste or snack') is: Thali; Tapas; Meze; or Smorgasbord? Meze (or Mezze)
  18. Capo and Gitano are terminology in which sort of music: Country; Flamenco; Opera; or Military marching? Flamenco (a Capo alters the tuning of a guitar, and Gitano is a broad reference to the Spanish Romani gypsy/culture, which is the Flamenco origin and character)
  19. Harvard and Yale Universities are respectively in: Massachusetts and Connecticut; Washington and New York; California and Arizona; or Texas and Alabama? Massachusetts and Connecticut (in Cambridge city, and New Haven municipality)
  20. Attempting to make a person believe he/she is going insane by secretly moving/changing things is called (What?) after an Oscar-winning 1944 film? Gaslight (or Gaslighting - the film was called Gas Light - because the villian kept altering the gas lighting in the house, among other methods of perplexing the victim)
  21. What yellow-green gas element is most commonly/historically used in water disinfection? Chlorine
  22. An olfactometer measures intensity of or sensitivity to: Taste; Light; Smell; or Sound? Smell
  23. Metaphorical encouragement to take as much as you want, typically from a surprising plentiful availability, is "Fill your (What?)": Suitcase; Bags; Boots; or Trousers? Boots
  24. In the book publishing industry, unsolicited manuscripts from hopeful writers are informally called the: Cabbage leaves; Slushpile; Haystack; or Bin-tray? Slushpile
  25. An 'Ozalid' version is used for checking/approval pre-production of: Ready-meals; Books; Coins; or Passenger jets? Books (Ozalid is a genericized trademark - see other fascinating words and terms in the grammar/language glossary)


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