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Question 13 (Who was America named after? Amerigo Vespucci [Italian explorer, 1454-1512]) was replaced due to recently emerged competing theory that Welsh born merchant Richard Amerike was instead responsible for America's name - thanks A Mercer - 24 Dec 2008.

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  1. The river Han flows through which capital city?
  2. Who was the president of Yugoslavia, 1953-80?
  3. James Mason played Sir Randolph Nettleby which 1984 film?
  4. The St Leger is run at which English racecourse?
  5. Which popular Welsh entertainer wrote the First World War song Keep the Home Fires Burning?
  6. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean?
  7. Yellowstone National Park is in which US state?
  8. Who became the chairman of Watford Football Club in 1977?
  9. Jenards Likely Lad of Lardhams was better known as which famous animal?
  10. What is the fourth book of the Bible's Old Testament?
  11. Who played Elliot Ness in the 1987 film The Untouchables?
  12. What did a cordwainer make?
  13. What number of equal size circles (or coins) fit exactly around another of the same size so that all are touching?
  14. The Merciless Parliament convicted of treason the entire court of which British monarch?
  15. A Pearmain is what type of fruit?
  16. Which British boxer and past world middleweight champion committed suicide in his flat in Leamington Spa in 1966?
  17. Who was the last King of Iraq?
  18. Where was the first British Grand Prix motor race held?
  19. What was Lily Munster's maiden name?
  20. What is the main ingredient of the dish Borscht?
  21. What is the US state capital of Virginia?
  22. A salpingectomy is the surgical removal of which part of the body?
  23. What does private health insurance BUPA stand for?
  24. What is the generally accepted collective term for a group of starlings?
  25. In which year was the Channel Tunnel (between England and France) opened?
  26. What was the name of Napoleon's horse at Waterloo?
  27. A 2007 film celebrated the 50th anniversary of which typeface?
  28. If something is bicephalous it has two what?
  29. Which famous fashion emporium was started by Barbara Hulanicki in London in 1964?
  30. Who wrote the ballet The Firebird?



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