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quizballs 478 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. The distance between the thread ridges of a screw or bolt is called the: Stitch; Pitch; Ditch; or Itch?
  2. What is 20% of the square root of 25?
  3. Mixing equal amounts of red, blue and yellow paint produces: Green; Purple; Brown; or Black?
  4. Which one of the four compass points does not feature in the main Australian state/territory names?
  5. Latin American originally (from echarqui, dried flesh), what word refers to marinated and barbecued pork/chicken?
  6. Adopted in November 1949, which nation's constitution is the longest in the world: USA; India; Germany; or China?
  7. Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi are major Chinese producers of: Oil; Phones; Fashionwear; or Cars?
  8. Epistemology, concerned with knowledge, and rationalism vs empiricism, is a branch of: Gambling; Philosophy; Politics; or Cookery?
  9. The famous Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail is c.800km across Northern: Italy; Spain; Brazil; or Canada?
  10. By what process is candy floss (fairy/cotton floss) made from sugar: Spinning; Popping; Boiling; or Microwaving?
  11. Coptic is the last (til 1600s) stage of what now unused language, one of the world's oldest?
  12. Liked by composers and writers for its softness and durability, a Blackwing 602 is a: Piano; Microphone; Pencil; or Chair?
  13. Hindi for 'solitary', and typically cub scout leader, what creature is Akela in Kipling's Jungle Book?
  14. The post-2nd World War term for the European communist bloc of nations was (which two of): Iron; Copper; Silver; Door; Curtain; or Cupboard?
  15. What is (USA) 'motorcycle dirt-track racing' popularly called elsewhere in the world?
  16. What is the most pirated (illegally copied/downloaded) TV program  of the 21st century (at 2017)?
  17. What form or transport is named from the French word to throw?
  18. What are the four Shakespeare plays featuring: Venice; Two Gentleman; The Shrew; Windsor; The Merchant; The Merry Wives; Verona; The Taming?
  19. Japanese 'Konnichi wa' and 'Sayonara' mean respectively: Sorry; Bed-time; Good afternoon; Goodbye; or Help?
  20. Slacklining is a modern more dynamic form of: Tightrope walking; Gentleman's tailoring; Glider take-off; or Hip replacement?
  21. Name the Paris racecourse which hosts the famous Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe?
  22. What two common Latin words derive from the Roman gods representing and now meaning plants and animals?
  23. What word makes five new words when suffixed to: Yard; Side; Fire; Under; and Tone?
  24. What European nation is popularly and technically incorrectly called a name based on local language for 'woodland'?
  25. Urban legend reported as fact since first publication in 1893 attributes the invention of (What?) to Isaac Newton: Central heating; Cat-flap; Hot-tub; or Machine-gun?


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