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quizballs 467 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. 'Pastel de nata' refers to what confection in English: Portuguese tart; Spanish fudge; Maltese loaf; or Belgian chocolate sausage?
  2. What did Rev John Russell (1795-1883), vicar of Swimbridge, and keen fox-hunter, originate?
  3. What triangular bone at the base of the human spine is named from the Latin allusion that the soul resides in it?
  4. Girder, arch, cantilever and suspension are major types of: Churches; Bridges; Dentures; or McDonald's logo styles?
  5. "A small piece of hardware that connects to another device to provide it with additional functionality" is a: Dongle; Dangle Dingle; or Jingle?
  6. What term for a hydrocarbon popularly refers to a standard measure/rating of engine or aviation fuel performance?
  7. In heraldry (medieval shield designs) what colour/color is sable?
  8. What mechanism features in a socket wrench and cable tie that allows movement in one direction only?
  9. Emmanuel Macron became president of which nation in May 2017: Spain; Brazil; France; or Canada?
  10. The ransomware cyber attack of May 2017, which paralysed computer systems around the world was named 'Wanna(what?)': Die; Cry; Be; or Dance?
  11. Bilabial, Dental, Palatal and Alveolar, Uvular, and Glottal refer to types of: Breathing; Smiling; Sleeping; or Speech consonants?
  12. Chateaubriand is a type of: Onion; Beef steak; Wine; or Housebrick?
  13. Which country originated the Fez felt hat named after the city?
  14. In which country is the world's oldest continuously surviving university - University of Al Quaraouiyine?
  15. What nation has the internet top level domain .ma?
  16. The 400 mile Po Valley is a major geographical feature of: Italy; China; Brazil; or Cyprus?
  17. From Latin meaning a heel/ankle bone, what is the claw of a bird of prey?
  18. What word for a cradle song is an old portmanteau combining the meanings calm and farewell?
  19. Damascus steel is found in fine quality: Skyscrapers; Car engines; Sword/knife blades; or Saucepans?
  20. Aneurin Bevan (1897-1960) established the: World Wide Web; Post Office; National Health Service; or BBC?
  21. Executed in 1880, which iconic villain is reportedly the subject of more biographical works than any other Australian?
  22. Arabica is the most widely grown and best quality source of what hugely popular seed?
  23. Name the oceanic area between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico notorious for lost shipping?
  24. Bordering Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan name the strategically important hills largely annexed by Israel in 1981?
  25. Order these creatures from deepest to shallowest ocean dwellers: Giant squid, Anchovy, Diving petrel, Anglerfish?


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