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quizballs 463 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. What ignites diesel fuel in a combustion engine: Sparks; Electricity; Compression; or Petrol?
  2. Corinthian refers to an ancient city of: Italy; Greece; Israel; or Scotland?
  3. Musically, arpeggio (Latin derived from harp) means play the notes of a chord: Loud; Soft; Slow; or In quick succession?
  4. What famous website is also the world's 2nd longest river?
  5. Which one of these is a compound not an element: Manganese; Magnesium; or Magnetite?
  6. Rubber is made from tree: Bark; Sap; Seeds; or Flowers?
  7. A soothsayer's trade is: Judging; Healing; Singing; or Predicting?
  8. The Argyle clothing pattern features: Circles; Diamonds; Animals; or Glitter?
  9. Anhydrous compounds contain (What?) water: Heavy; Frozen; Zero; or Dirty?
  10. Izaak Walton's significant 1653 social/country life book is the Compleat: Hunter; Farmer; Angler; or Poacher?
  11. What often-traumatized island nation, whose capital is Port au Prince, adjoins Dominican Republic to the west?
  12. The Norse-Anglicized word 'Leister' is a: Camp fire; Gold coin; Three-pronged fish spear; or English city?
  13. Middlemarch author Mary Ann Evans is better known as: Jane Austen; Jackie Collins; Mary Shelley; or George Eliot?
  14. What is iconic US sportsman George Herman Ruth's nickname?
  15. What communication method (from Latin 'thing to be remembered') was universal in organizations before email?
  16. What very alcoholic popular French aniseed drink is widely outlawed and named (from Greek)/made from wormwood?
  17. The 1982 book by Thomas Kenneally and its 1993 film, about escape in wartime, are respectively which two words with the protagonist's name: Redemption; Ark; List; Choice; or Escape?
  18. What coastal flatfish also means to clumsily achieve balance or control?
  19. Mesozoic, Permian and Tertiary are: House bricks; Legal qualifications; Prehistoric timespans; or Geometric triangles?
  20. In 2017 Crayola announced controversially the discontinuation of (What?) crayon: Dandelion; Sunflower; Daffodil; or Canary?
  21. A feature of the Coriolis Effect in meteorological cyclones and anti-cyclones is: Clouds; Rain; Snow; or Spinning?
  22. Cutaneous refers/relates to: Babies; Blades; Skin; or Price discounting?
  23. A cryometer measures: Mood; Liquid flow; Salinity (salt content); or Very low temperatures?
  24. What three-letter prefix makes new words with Rhythm, Sphere, Technology, Logical and Fuel?
  25. Put these Australian cities in clockwise geographical order, starting with Sydney: Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide?


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