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quizballs 462 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. Founded in Italy 1472, Monte dei Paschi di Siena is the world's oldest 21st century: University; Bank; Church; or Estate Agency?
  2. A maraca, originally made from a gourd and beans, is a Latin-American: Curry; Ceremonial hat; Percussion instrument; or Infant's carriage?
  3. Joshua, Klitschko, Fury and Haye are: Atlantic flight paths; 2016 typhoons; World champion boxers; or Birth surnames of One Direction members?
  4. What day is named after Biblical accounts of crowds laying cloaks and branches on Christ's path into Jerusalem?
  5. Galia, Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Horned are types of: Snowflake; Lizard; Melon; or Crochet hook?
  6. First adopted in 1858, the earliest standard army camouflage is (still popular internationally): Rifle Green; Gun Grey; Bark Brown; or Blood Red?
  7. What gemstone is fossilized tree sap: Tiger's Eye; Topaz; Amber; or Garnet?
  8. A jointing/bordering metal strip used in stained/leaded glass windows is called a: Came; Went; Been; or Gone?
  9. What's the square root of 729: 19; 27; 33; or 72?
  10. Derived from Greek for 'servant-woman' what term refers to a non-medical companion at birth, and increasingly death too?
  11. Smith and Wesson is a famous maker of: Earth-diggers; Pianos; Firearms; or Sugar?
  12. The Bixa Orellana plant's annatto seeds (used for saffron/paprika substitute and cosmetic dyes) is also called the: Lipstick tree; Blusher rose; Mascara vine; or George Bush?
  13. An aquifer is a type of: Tree; Agreement; Punctuation mark; or Water-bearing rock layer?
  14. In HTML computer language an 'unordered list' equates to what in conventional writing/printing?
  15. The human ailment ankylosis is: Sprained ankle; Joint immobility; Cramp; or Paranoia?
  16. Name the first man-made Earth satellite, launched 1957, meaning 'fellow-traveller' in Russian?
  17. The old Anglicised French word 'soup├žon' ('soupsonn') means a very (What?) amount: Large; Small; Fluid; or Hypothetical?
  18. What word prefixes the following to make four different terms: Gallery; Range; Star; Jacket?
  19. Star Anise is a: Tree and spice; Arabian pattern; Parthenon mosaic; or Moon of the Sun?
  20. Having an eagle emblem, name the oldest motorbike company still making bikes into the 21st century?
  21. Amazon's streaming device launched 2014 is abbreviated to: Sparkplug; Firestick; Knobdongle; or Coldplay?
  22. The Ballon d'Or is an annual award for the world's best: Clown; Footballer; Country song; or Architect?
  23. In physics/electronics, Ohm's Law is: "The current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the (What?) across the two points.": Temperature; Pressure; Voltage; or Mileage?
  24. CJKV - a language system using hanzi/kanji - is an abbreviation of which four nations? (four answers required)
  25. Which four months of the year are named after their numerical order in the old Roman calendar? (four answers required)


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