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quizballs 461 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. From c.4000BC, 'Proto-Indo-European' is a fundamental: Bronze; Language; Vegetable; or Horse?
  2. 'Sky peer-to-peer' is the origin of what famous revolutionary Estonian/Danish development?
  3. Israeli Uziel Gal (1923-2002) invented a globally iconic type of: Farming; Machine gun; Calorie counting; or Antibiotic?
  4. Oliver Mellors is better known as what DH Lawrence creation: Biggles; Batman; Winnie the Pooh; or Lady Chatterley's Lover?
  5. In popular culture and literature Utopia (an ideal beautiful world) is opposite to: Dystopia; Sinopia; Subtopia; or Myopia?
  6. The likely extinct Thylacine, largest ever carnivorous marsupial, is commonly called the: Tasmanian Tiger; African Kangaroo; Brazilian Wombat; or Piccadily Lion?
  7. 'Stuttgart pitch', standard musical tuning/calibration, is 440Hz frequency at the note: A; B; C; or D?
  8. Beginning 2018, the first direct UK-Australia flights are roughly what miles/hours: 5000m/5hrs; 9000/17; 14,000/36; 20,000/20?
  9. Mongolia and Ivory Coast were the first countries to adopt a radical postal address system using (How many?) random words for every (How many?) square yards of Earth: (two answers required) 3; 9; 20; 50; 400?
  10. What 'greenhouse gas' is increasing most significantly in the 21st century: Methane; CO2; Ozone; or Nitrous Oxide?
  11. Diazepam was first marketed as: Amphetamine; Valium; Anadin; or Lucozade?
  12. Axiomatic means: Breathless; Self-evident; Inflated; or Confusingly angry?
  13. Beg or Bey and Begum refer to a chief or high official and female equivalent originating from/in which culture: Mexican; Turkish; Maori; or Russian?
  14. A popular childlike metaphor for being punished or excluded is being on the: Bad bench; Naughty step; Culpable couch; or Silly stool?
  15. Which month is named in English after Latin for door?
  16. Previously fined $2.5bn in 2014, which company publicized its zero tolerance policy in 2017 responding to tax evasion investigations and raids? Harrods; KFC; Credit Suisse; or Microsoft?
  17. In US-English a sports knockout tournament is called a: Dash; Bracket; Guillemet; or Colon?
  18. What religious word makes five new words when suffixed (added last) to: Repel, Condo, Si, Re, and Ta?
  19. Match the Roman and modern names: Hafnia, Lutetia, Eblana, Ezelinga - Dublin, Zurich, Copenhagen, Paris?
  20. 2017 Eurovision controversy entailed which host nation's ban of which nation's contestant? (two answers required, preferably the right way around..) Israel; Turkey; Russia; France; or Ukraine?
  21. The magazine of the Jehovah's Witness religion is The: Spotlight; Watchtower; Lighthouse; or Microscope?
  22. Argentina's national sport 'Pato' means (What?), replaced by the modern ball, carried in a basket on horseback: Rocks; Feathers; Eggs; or Live duck?
  23. The dye henna is made from a: Beetle; Tree; Clay; or Fish?
  24. Whose best-selling 2016 autobiography is called Born to Run: Usain Bolt; Sebastian Coe; Mo Farah; or Bruce Sprinsteen?
  25. Match these birds with their metaphorical/fabled associations: Albatross, Dove, Stork, Magpie, Ostrich - Curse, Peace, Birth/baby, Denial, Theft? 


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