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quizballs 460 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. Helix pomatia is otherwise known as edible: Snail; Seaweed; Sand; or Coal?
  2. What word prefixes: Shed, Sport, and Stock?
  3. Which capital city building name means "city fortress": Colosseum; Louvre; Kremlin; or Taj Mahal?
  4. Codeine painkiller is classified as: Opiate; Paracetamol; Anti-inflammatory; or Medical cannabis?
  5. What famous banking family's surname is from German 'red sign'?
  6. An example of the human condition 'Paresthesia' is: Sleepwalking; Forgetfulness; Laziness; or Pins and needles?
  7. Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach's eponymous psychological test uses: Handwriting; Inkblots; Star-signs; or Tea-leaves?
  8. The technical word for the side-arms of spectacles is: Temples; Churches; Cathedrals; or Synagogues?
  9. Spell the word meaning a rebound of a bullet/projectile: Riccochet; Ricochet; Richoshe; or Rickershay?
  10. Which two months of the year are named after Roman Emperors? (two answers required)
  11. What creature is thought named from Australian Aboriginal, meaning (leading to) 'good food': Wombat; Koala; Budgerigar; or Kangaroo?
  12. The original short term for the EU (European Union) was: EIC; EUC; EEC; or NATO?
  13. The most reliable form of timekeeping until the 1930s was: Water; Sand; Pendulums; or Sunlight?
  14. What sort of leaf from the Bible metaphorically obscures a problem: Vine; Olive; Fig; or Raspberry?
  15. Named after an Illinois factory, what motivational 'Effect' was interpreted by psychologist Elton Mayo in the 1920s: Laurel; Hawthorne; Rosebush; or Cactus?
  16. Geert Wilders emerged as a controversial extreme Dutch (What?) in the 2000s: Naked hockey; 90% alcohol liqueur; Right-wing politician; or Canal flu?
  17. What car make has 2010s models including 108, 208, 301, 408, 508, and Bippo van: Citroen; Peugeot; Renault; or Maserati?
  18. Nixdorf, Tulip, Sinclair and AST were early brands in: Package holidays; Computing; Electric cars; or SLR cameras?
  19. What is Vladimir Nabokov's controversial 1955 novel, which originated the also controversial term for a promiscuous young woman?
  20. The first Ebay business to exceed five million positive feedbacks was: Book Banana; Music Magpie; Lip Stick; or Toy Tomato?


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