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quizballs 45 - free 'ABC quiz' - general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

All answers are single-words and begin with A, B or C.

There are five A's, five B's and five C's.

There is a pattern, but what is the pattern?

And can you solve them all?

  1. A surprise attack, and collective noun for group of tigers?
  2. ACAS is the UK's Advisory, Conciliation and 'what' Service?
  3. A robot, from the Greek word for male?
  4. Capital of the United Arab Emirates?
  5. The letter denoting a link in HTML (webpage) code typically followed by 'href'?
  6. The word for the weight on the end of a pendulum?
  7. Maureen Lipman's onomatopaeic character name in BT's TV adverts?
  8. Composer of the Eroica, Pastoral and Choral Symphonies?
  9. The initials BCC on a memo or email stand for a 'what' Carbon Copy?
  10. The meaning of B in the marketing abbreviation B2B?
  11. The British Queens to Georges II and IV, with respective titles of Ansbach and Brunswick?
  12. Addictive product produced in a British factory first by Robert Gloag in 1856?
  13. Tragically misunderstood daughter of Shakespeare's King Lear?
  14. Sri Lanka's previous name?
  15. The Spanish word for a hundred?



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