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quizballs 456 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. Francobollo is Italian for: Pawnbroker; Postage stamp; Garlic sauce; or Boiled sausage?
  2. Baptism originally refers to the word: Bread; Bathe; Fire; or Brimstone?
  3. Lacuna, interstice, hiatus and couloir are words for a type of: Surprise; Gap; Mistake; or Bulge?
  4. The spinning toy 'Diabolo' and word diabolical refer to: Triangle; Devil; Double; or Sparkle?
  5. Traditionally your first cousin's son is your: First cousin once removed; Second cousin; Second cousin once removed; or Uncle?
  6. Put these UK titles in order, highest first: Marquess, Duke, Viscount, Earl?
  7. A mahout is an Indian driver of a: Taxi; Barge; Elephant; or Hot air ballon?
  8. The theme tune of which TV series features a piccolo playing the title in morse code: MASH; Hawaii 5-O; Z-Cars; or Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em?
  9. Cressida Dick is a: San Francisco lighthouse; Sponge pudding; Dutch dam; or First female head of the London Metropolitan Police?
  10. A Wikipedia page that shows different meanings of a single term is called: Clarification; Disambiguation; Elucidation; or Discombobulation?
  11. Bergen, Kristiansand, Turku and Helsingborg are major ports of: Russia; Scandinavia; Canada; or South America?
  12. The educational acronym MOOC stands for which four of: Modern; Massive; Open; Online; Official; Course; or Creche?
  13. Who originated the band names Steely Dan, Thin White Rope, and Soft Machine: William Burroughs; Charles Dickens; William Shakespeare; or Geoffrey Chaucer?
  14. The third Thursday every November sees a race to release which 'nouveau' wine: Chardonnay; Beaujolais; Bordeaux; or Riesling?
  15. Aperitif, Canape, Hors d'oeuvres, and Antipasto are: Starters; Mains; Desserts; or Sorbets?
  16. Sensory-desire, ill-will, sloth/torpor, restlessness/worry, and doubt are the Five Hindrances to meditation in: Mormonism; Buddhism; Hinduism; or Catholicism?
  17. Marachino originally refers to a: Cherry; Liqueur; Sheep; or Pair of trousers?
  18. Moquette, Seersucker, and Worsted are types of: Antelope; Insect; Fabric; or Sunset?
  19. Broth, Egg, and Mist are commonly prefixed by: Irish; Welsh; English; or Scotch?
  20. Which three of these are not terrier dog breeds: Schnauzer; Boxer; Bull; Boston; Airedale; Dalmation; or Rottweiler? (three answers required)


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