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quizballs 454 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. The word 'motel' is an: Acronym; Abbreviation; Portmanteau; or Palindrome?
  2. A kibbutz (Hebrew literally 'gathering') traditionally refers to a small community (What?) in Israel: Wedding; Funeral; Farm; or Gymnasium?
  3. Which two of these are the southernmost and westernmost USA states: Alaska; Hawaii; Florida; California; or Texas? (two answers required, ideally in the right order - southernmost and westernmost)
  4. Calligraphy is a blend of which two of these: Statistics; Art; Handwriting; History; or Chocolate? (two answers required)
  5. The French Revolution and consquential metric system of 1795 defined the old 'Are' unit as 100: Pennies; Square metres; Pints; or Horses?
  6. A traditional collective noun for lots of angels is: Bevy Phalanx; Host; or Covey?
  7. Outsourcing/relocating an organizational process to another country is called: Undercoasting; Overseasing; Offshoring; or Showboating?
  8. Frangipane is what sort of confectionery filling: Chocolate; Coffee; Almond; or Peanut?
  9. Heliocentrism and the opposing Geocentrism are opposing theories of: Ballroom dancing; Astronomy; Diet; or Throwing a ball?
  10. Shinshu/Koshu/Genshu refer respectively to current-year/matured/strong Japanese: Whisky; Beer; Sake (rice wine); or Cheese?
  11. Linsey-woolsey/Winceyette/Wincey refer to a historical sort of: Cloth; Shotgun; Dungeon or Camper-van?
  12. 'Cavatappi' and 'Fusilli Rigati' each refers to pasta that is which two of these: Hot; Cold; Spiral; Grooved; or Stiff? (two answers required)
  13. An over-complicated mechanical solution, named after an English cartoonist who drew them, is called: Robin Jackson; Robin Heathson; Heath Robinson; or Jack Robinson?
  14. Stormont is the Government Assembly of: Belgium; France; Canada; or Northern Ireland?
  15. The first gay kiss on a UK TV soap drama featured Lord: Alan Sugar; Richard Branson; Michael Cashman; or Geoffrey Archer?
  16. A nightclub/bar/entertainment deriving from Japanese 'empty orchestra' is: Cabaret; Karaoke; Casino; or Ping-Pong?
  17. The tail of the Vodafone corporation's 'speechmark' comma logo points: Top-left; Top-right; Bottom-left; or Bottom-right?
  18. What word is commonly and wrongly said by writers, politicians. speakers, etc., to mean 'danger' and 'opportunity' in Chinese kanji characters: Diplomacy; Crisis; Money; or Chocolate?
  19. Pashtun people and Pashto language, are from: Ireland and Wales; Australia and New Zealand; Afghanistan and NW Pakistan; or China and Japan?
  20. Match these four technologies to their respective parts of a bicycle: Derailleur; Presta; Nipple; Gusset (match with) Valves; Frame; Gears; Spoke-fixings?


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