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  1. Astana is the capital of which country?
  2. Which playwright was once secretary to James Joyce, 1969 Nobel prizewinner for literature, and wrote his most famous play originally in French, titled En Attendant Godot?
  3. Who is fifth in line to the British throne (as at Aug 2007)?
  4. What is the Latin term used in referencing which means 'in the same place' ?
  5. What is the flap which covers the human windpipe when swallowing?
  6. Born Henry John Deutschendorf Junior, which American singer died when his light aircraft crashed into the sea off California in 1997?
  7. James Earl Ray was arrested at Heathrow airport in 1968 and subsequently convicted of whose assassination?
  8. Who was the famous wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia?
  9. Finishing in Paris after nearly 10,000 miles, from which city did racers begin the first long distance car rally in 1907?
  10. The town of Fray Bentos, after which the meat products brand was named, is in what country?
  11. Cedi is the basic monetary unit of which African country?
  12. Henry Sewell led the first government of which country in 1856?
  13. What, loosely translating as 'self-boiler', is a traditional metal Russian tea urn called?
  14. Barack Obama's best selling book is called 'The Audacity of..' what?
  15. What was the name of the ship on which Charles Darwin set sail on his voyage around the world in 1831?
  16. Mary Mallon was effectively imprisoned for life in New York for being an irresponsible immune carrier of what disease?
  17. Graham Vivian Sutherland's official portrait of which prime minister was destroyed by the subject's wife because she hated it?
  18. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?
  19. Who wrote the best selling book The Tipping Point?
  20. What is the name of the largest island of Japan?
  21. What does WAP stand for in mobile phone technology?
  22. Harry Longbaugh was better known by what name?
  23. Which common chemical element has the atomic number 20?
  24. BRN is the international vehicle registration for which country?
  25. For which film did Henry Fonda win his best actor Oscar?
  26. Which huge global communications brand is derived from a local word for a marten?
  27. Who was the first reigning British monarch to make an official visit to the USA?
  28. What is the name of the carnival held in some countries on Shrove Tuesday?
  29. Who was the British nurse arrested in Brussels and shot by firing squad in 1915 on suspicion of helping Allied solders to escape?
  30. What object officially joined our solar system on 1st May 1930?



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