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quizballs 445 - 2016 BIG YEAR QUIZ - general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In 2016, German Bernd Schmidt set a new world record of 8.8cms (about 3.5 inches) for the: Longest nose; Biggest mouth gape; Most sticking-out ear; or Longest big toe?
  2. Leicester City FC's 2016 Premier League Championship title after miraculous relegation escape in 2015, was partly credited to what intervention: Vegetarian diets; Post-training iced baths; Richard III's toebone ash scattering on the pitch; or Visits and karma blessings to the ground by Buddhist Monks?
  3. A computerised emissions testing fraud in 2016 created multi-billion penalties and reputational damage for: Ryanair; Volkswagen; The White House; or The City of London?
  4. Put these notable UK politicians on the side of either 'stay' or 'leave' in the EU 'Brexit' referendum: May, Johnson, Gove, Cameron, Farage, Corbyn?
  5. The Gotthard Base opened in Switzerland in 2016 as the world's: Tallest building; Longest traffic tunnel; Most secure bank; or Most expensive shop?
  6. Professional footballer and 7th dan karate master Boyko Borisov quit in 2016 as Prime Minister of: France; Spain; Bulgaria; or Japan?
  7. Mexican Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán made the news again in 2016 as the most powerful man in what industry: Mobile telephony; Football; Latin-American dance; or Drug trafficking?
  8. What global health threat did the World Health Organization declare in January 2016: Zika Virus; Bird Flu; Indian Swine Flu; or Mumps?
  9. Stolen in 2002 from Amsterdam and recovered in 2016, Seascape at Scheveningen and Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen are paintings valued at $100m by: Tracy Emin; Andy Warhol; Vincent Van Gogh; or Damien Hirst?
  10. In August 2016 which nation's senate voted to impeach its president Dilma Rousseff: South Africa; Canada; Brazil; or Ireland?
  11. The year 2016 in Roman numerals is CCXVI; DDXCI; MMIXX; MMXVI; or MIIIIXXDM?
  12. Donald Trump's VP running mate for the 2016 US Presidential election is Mike: Shilling; Buck; Pence; or Cents?
  13. Whose 2016 book is 'Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man': Marvin Hagler; William Shatner; Joni Mitchell; or Harry Shearer?
  14. The corporate reward/motivation 'Theory' for which Oliver Hart and Bengt R Holmström received the 2016 Nobel Economics Prize is called: Crime; Contract; Delusion; or Greed?
  15. Match these tennis grand slams to the 2016 winners: Australian, French, Wimbledon, US - Wawrinka, Murray, Nadal, Djokovic, Federer?
  16. Irvine Welsh's 2016 book The Blade Artist, catching up with Begbie, is a follow-up to: Clockwork Orange; Trainspotting; Fifty Shades of Grey; or Bridget Jones's Diary?
  17. In 2016 Radovan Karadžić was sentenced to 40 years in prison for crimes in what war: Iraq-Iran; Libyan Civil; Bosnian; or Armenian-Azerbaijani?
  18. The first and last days of the year 2016 are respectively: Monday; Wednesday; Friday; or Saturday? (two answers required)
  19. The 2016 Superbowl saw (Which city?) Broncos beat (Which state?) Panthers: Chicago; Denver; Houston; Carolina; Atlanta; or Florida? (two answers required)
  20. What anniversary of Shakespeare's death was in 2016: 200; 400; 600; or 1000?
  21. Arianna Huffington departed in 2016 from her own eponymous news website, the Huffington: Day; Star; Post; Blog?
  22. In 2016 NASA's Juno spacecraft became the first to orbit: Mars; Jupiter; Mercury; or The Sun?
  23. The major Japanese Funai Electric Co produced the last commercial (What?) in 2016: Car cigarette lighter; Video Cassette Recorder (VCR); Tube TV; or Space Invaders Machine?
  24. Antonio Guterres was appointed in 2016 as successor to Ban Ki-moon as head of: The United Nations; NASA; FIFA; or The BBC?
  25. Who began a world tour in 2016 called 'Formation': U2; The Rolling Stones; Beyoncé; or Bob Dylan?
  26. Whose successful sex privacy/rights violation case against Gawker forced the website into bankruptcy in 2016: Donald Trump; Hulk Hogan; Prince Charles; or Joan Collins?
  27. In France, April 2016, Franky Zapata set a world record of 2,252 metres for the longest: Jet ski jump; Hoverboard flight; Tightrope walk; or Hot dog?
  28. The 2016 Superbowl broke tradition by not using Roman numerals in its name due to its number: 30; 40; 50 or 100?
  29. Put these nations in order of the 2016 Olympics medal table (most golds first): China, Germany, Japan, USA, Great Britain, Russia?
  30. Singer-songwriter and TV personality Pete Burns (1959-16), was founder-member of: Duran Duran; Dead or Alive; The Sex Pistols; or The Bay City Rollers?
  31. Rule the World won the 2016: Primetime TV Show Emmy; Turner Prize; Mann Booker Prize; or Grand National?
  32. Who directed and wrote the 2016 Amazon TV series 'Crisis in Six Scenes': Clint Eastwood; Kevin Spacey; Woody Allen; or Ben Affleck?
  33. Record-breaking German Albert Beer created a robot in 2016 that could do (What?) in 0.887 of a second: Beat anyone at chess; Make an omelette; Calculate Pi to a billion decimal places; or Solve the Rubik's Cube?
  34. 2016 was the tenth anniversary of the first (What?), by inventor Jack Dorsey: Facebook 'like'; Tweet; Instagram share; or Spotify stream?
  35. David Bowie's album released just before he died in January 2016 is: Darkstar; Blackstar; Starman; or Darkman?
  36. Steven Gerrard retired from playing football at what club in 2016: LA Galaxy; Liverpool; Juventus; or Everton?
  37. Chicago (What?) won the 2016 Baseball World Series: Chiefs; Braves; Cubs; or Blues?
  38. Which classic British TV sitcom became a big 2016 movie release: Only Fools and Horses; Absolutely Fabulous; Blackadder; or On the Buses?
  39. In April 2016 German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung published 11.5 million confidential Panamanian files detailing over 200,000 (What?) held unethically by noted personalities and heads of state: Stolen artworks; Offshore companies; Swiss bank accounts; or Holiday homes?
  40. The 2016 UEFA European Championship was won by: Germany; Portugal; Spain; or Iceland?
  41. Uptown Funk won the 2016: Record of the Year Grammy; Turner Prize; Man Booker Prize; or Grand National?
  42. Israel Kristal of Haifa, Israel, confirmed in 2016 as the world's oldest man, was born in: 1884; 1892; 1903; or 1910?
  43. Controversy affected Hilary Clinton's 2016 US Presidential campaign, about her using private instead of official: Personal fitness instructors; Email; Bathrooms; or Groceries?
  44. The BBC caused audience upset when it removed (What?) from its website in 2016: Traffic News; Recipes; Scrollbars; or All pictures of Jeremy Clarkson?
  45. Remarkably the first three male places and the first two women's places in the 2016 Boston Marathon were all taken by: China; Ethiopia; USA; or Iceland?
  46. Stephen King's 2016 book is End of: Day; Time; Watch; or Clocks?
  47. Radiohead's ninth album released in 2016 is A Moon Shaped: Face; Satellite; Pool or Balloon?
  48. Which nation won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, with Jamala's '1944' - the first ever with lyrics in Crimean Tatar: Italy; Germany; Ukraine; or Israel?
  49. The 2016 Ryder Cup was won by (Who?) when beating (Who?) 17-11 in (What sport?): Australia; Russia; USA; Europe; in Tennis; Golf; Sailing; or Scrabble? (three answers required)
  50. The 2016 Netflix series 'The Crown' stars Claire Foy as: Elizabeth II; Queen Victoria; Winnie Mandela; or Yvonne Goolagong?
  51. The 2016 highest-grossing video game adaptation film ever to date is War: Baby; Craft; Dance; or Hole?
  52. The futuristic video made for the 1983 song 'Human Touch', which fascinatingly is set in 2016, was the biggest hit for Rick: Astley; Springfield; Wakeman; or Stein?
  53. Iconic boxer Muhammad Ali (1942-16) was multiple world champion: Middleweight; Heavyweight; Cruiserweight; or Bantamweight?
  54. The 2016 Juba military clashes (in capital city Juba on the White Nile) were between factions of the People's Liberation Army of: Morocco; Sudan; South Africa; or Israel?
  55. The 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature was won by: Stephen King; Hilary Mantel; Bob Dylan; or JK Rowling?
  56. Whose son Cruz made the 2016 news with a charity single: If Everyday Was Christmas: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; David and Victoria Beckham; Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson; or Tony and Cherie Blair?
  57. Danny Willett won the the 2016: Olympic high jump; US Golf Masters; World Heavyweight Boxing Championship; Eurovision under-16s?
  58. Brie Larson won what in 2016 for 'Joy': Best Actress Oscar; CMA Best Song; Man Booker Prize; Nobel Physics Prize?
  59. WADA's computer systems, hacked in 2016, exposed private details to the world about: Climate change; Athlete drug records; Politicians' expenses; or BBC presenters' salaries?
  60. Emperor Akihito suggested controversially in 2016 that due to ill health he would abdicate as ruler of: Brunei; Japan; Cambodia; or Denmark?
  61. The popular Pokémon game released in July 2016 is: Stop; Go; Pause; or Delete?
  62. Ben Affleck's 2016 movie is The: Doctor; Dentist; Solicitor; or Accountant?
  63. Emily Blunt starred in the title role of the 2016 movie thriller 'The Girl on the: Rise; Verge; Train; or Game?
  64. Dawn of Justice is the subtitle of the 2016 superhero film (Who?) vs (Who?): Spiderman; Batman; Terminator; Superman; or Catwoman? (two answers required)
  65. Match these world-class people who died in 2016 with their fields: Arnold Palmer, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Merle Haggard, Johan Cruyff - Football, Acting, Golf, Music?
  66. The Mount Sinabug volcanic eruption in May 2016 was in: Canada; Italy; Indonesia; or Scotland?
  67. What sport produced substantially most of the highest paid female athletes of 2016: Show-jumping; Tennis; Track athletics; or Hockey?
  68. After scientific analysis in 2016, a discovery on Amrum Island shore, Germany, was confirmed at 108 years and 138 days to be the oldest: Living lobster; Message in a bottle; Credit card; or Picnic?
  69. Veep won the 2016: Grand National; Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy; Admiral's Cup yachting regatta; or Best Picture Oscar?
  70. The 2016 Olympics were officially branded: Brazil 2016; Rio 2016; 2016 Olympics; or Olympiad 31?
  71. Andrea Leadsom's withdrawal from candidacy led to the unopposed appointment of of what position on 11 July 2016: President of FIFA; President of the EU; UK Prime Minister; or Archbishop of Canterbury?
  72. Despite major challenges Jeremy Corbyn held onto leadership through 2016 of: NASA; The Labour Party (UK); Walmart Inc; Manchester United FC?
  73. What nationality were both (male and female) winners of the 2016 London Marathon: Chinese; Kenyan; Spanish; or Brazilian?
  74. Peggy Spencer (1920-2016) helped lay the foundations for what modern phenomenon: Amazon; Texting; Strictly Come Dancing; or SatNav?
  75. An adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, what show received the most 2016 Emmy nominations: Orange is the New Black; Game of Thrones; Broad City; or Modern Family?
  76. 2016 was the centenary of the death of Henry (Who?) from a famous writer family: Austen; Dickens; James; or Chaucer?
  77. 'Better Call Saul' is a 2016 spin-off from: Breaking Bad; South Park; Game of Thrones; or Dancing with the Stars?
  78. Chris Froome won the 2016: Tour de France; F1 Championship; British Golf Open; or America's Got Talent?
  79. Leicester City FC, shock winners of the 2016 soccer English Premiership title, are branded/called the (What?), alluding to famous local tradition: Cobblers; Foxes; Stags; or Spacemen?
  80. The Night Manager TV serial is a popular 2016 adaptation of whose novel of the same name: William S Burroughs; John Le Carré; Jeffrey Archer; or Ian Fleming?
  81. The famous video game, version 2, released in 2009, set in 2016, featuring Joseph Allen, is 'Call Of (What?)': Doves; Duty; The Wild; or Nature?
  82. Who in 2016 announced that he would be a father for the ninth time: Silvio Berlusconi; George Bush Snr; Mick Jagger; or Mick Hucknall?
  83. Which football club bought Paul Pogba for €105million in 2016, breaking the world record transfer fee: Chelsea; Manchester United; Barcelona; or LA Galaxy?
  84. 'Beyond' was the 2016 and 13th film of what movie franchise: Star Trek; Star Wars; Twilight; or Harry Potter?
  85. 2016 produced the highest-grossing X-Men film to date, named from the Marvel Comics character, Dead: Clever; Pool; Wood; or Leg?
  86. The 2016 film sequel and highest-grossing animated film opening of all time in North America to date was 'Finding (What?)': Dory; Love; Happiness; or Out?
  87. Spotlight won the 2016: Grand National; Best Picture Oscar; Turner Prize; or Melbourne Cup?
  88. The Maracanã Stadium hosted the 2016: US Presidential election debates; Summer Olympics; UEFA European Championship; or Moonies Convention?
  89. The 2016 F1 Championship was won by team: Porsche; Mercedes; Honda; or Ikea?
  90. Before becoming UK Prime Minister in 2016, Theresa May was the longest serving in what role since the 1950s: Home Secretary; Chancellor of the Exchequor; Health Secretary; or Chief Whip?
  91. Pink, Airlift, Dear Zindagi, and The Untold Story are popular 2016 movies from what big film-making nation: Australia; India; France; or Sweden?
  92. In May 2016, the Eurozone agreed a further €10.3bn loan to: Spain; Greece; Iceland; or Germany?
  93. Which nation was disqualified from the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest due to debts to the European Broadcasting Union: Romania; Greece; Ireland; or Germany?
  94. UK MPs voted to strip whose knighthood due to his role on the failure of the BHS retail company and debts of its employee pension scheme: Alan Sugar; Philip Green; Charles Dunstone; or Richard Branson?
  95. Almandin won the 2016: Melbourne Cup; Grand National; Turner Prize; or Best Picture Oscar?
  96. Who achieved a record-breaking 51million video views in 24 hours on VEVO in January 2016: Adele; Coldplay; David Bowie; or Status Quo?
  97. In 2016 in Amritsar, India, 8,726 young people broke the world record for a: Game of softball; Bollywood dance; Yoga session; or Firewalk on hot coals?
  98. During 2016 the top Chinese website, a search engine, ranked 4th globally is: Alibaba; Taobao; Baidu; or Renren?
  99. In May 2016, the US Pentagon was exposed as still using: Invisible Ink; Windows XP; 1980s floppy-disks; or 2nd World War ration packs in the canteen?
  100. How many Sundays does 2016 have: 51; 52; 53; or 54?


quizballs 445 - 2016 BIG YEAR QUIZ - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

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