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quizballs 443 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. Roaching or hogging (US/UK) refer to removal of (What?) from (What?): Skin; Fish; Mane; Horse; Water; Banana? (two answers required)
  2. Carrera, Cayenne, Boxter, and 911 are: Wine grapes; Wrestling moves; Hot spices; or Porsche cars?
  3. Forrest Mars launched what in 1937 for female slimmers, described as 'energy balls': Medicine balls; Swiss balls; Meatballs; or Maltesers?
  4. A tracheotomy surgical procedure enables breathing without use of: Nose and mouth; Lungs; Air; or Brain?
  5. In the USA a 'stogy' is a cheap thin: Sausage; Mattress; Cigar; or Laptop?
  6. Developed by chemist James Lofthouse in 1865, Fishermen's Friend is a popular: Pipe tobacco; Throat lozenge; Body-rub; or Beard wax?
  7. Scientifically the most popular 'feel-good' hit songs (eg Don't Stop Me Now and I Will Survive) tend to have (two answers required): Major key; Minor key; c.150BPM; c.88BPM; or Saxophones? (BPM=beats per minute)
  8. Until the 1500s, people's socks were generally made of: Grass; Leather; Paper; or Wood?
  9. What 1851-founded English fashion brand was based on the invention of waterproof wool, from Latin, 'watershield': Hydrofoil; Oasis; Perrier; or Aquascutum?
  10. Syrup of ipecac, a popular emetic since the 1700s, stimulates human: Relaxation; Hair re-growth; Vomiting; or Dancing?
  11. Pinyin (meaning 'spelled sounds') is the official 'westernized' language of: Fiji; China; Mexico; or Klingon (Star Trek)?
  12. "The Trouble with Tribbles" featuring spoken Klingonese is an episode of: Dr Who; Star Trek; Harry Potter; or South Park?
  13. 'Romanization' and 'Latinization' refer to the conversion of (What?) to a 'western' system: Dance; Language and alphabet; Horse-riding; or Cooking?
  14. Spell the pictorial writing system: Hyroglyphics; Hyrogliphics; Hieroglyphics; Hierogliffix?
  15. A yarmulke or kippah is a: Judge's journal; Baby goat; Jewish man's skullcap; or Smoked fish?
  16. Fred and Tom Pickup's 1924 Manchester invention, branded 'Pickup's Appetizer', became: Studebaker; Yellow Cab; Tizer; or Antipasto?
  17. A 'pure finder' was an 1800s leather tanning industry worker who collected (What?) from city streets: Dead leaves; Cigarette butts; Sand and grit; or Dog poo (faeces/feces)?
  18. Kitten, Cuban, Spool, French, and Pomadour are types of: Shoe-heel; Mustard; Cigars; or Hair-up styles?
  19. The words 'ute' (Australia/NZ) and 'bakkie' (South Africa) mean: Foreigner; Pick-up truck; Cigarette; or Two people on one bicycle?
  20. Choreology is the notation of: Judicial proceedings; Dance movement; Church services; or Sea creatures?


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