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quizballs 441 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. A murmuration refers to a flock of: Magpies; Crows; Starlings; or Seagulls?
  2. Linn, Bose, Cyrus, and Bang & Olufsen are makers of equipment for: Kitchens; Work-stations; Hi-Fi; or Gardeners?
  3. Austrian Erwin Schrödinger and German Max Planck are notable scientists in: Anthropology; Quantum mechanics; Economics; or Cookery?
  4. Bergamot, the oil from young Seville oranges, provides the distinctive taste/smell of: Lucozade; Jaffa cakes; Earl Grey tea; or Gin?
  5. The word valediction equates to: Hello; Goodbye; Yes; or No?
  6. Re-order these territories - earliest to last - in terms of European colonialization (14th-19th centuries): Asia, Africa,The Americas?
  7. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick are: Manchester United footballers; Australian prime ministers; South Park cartoon characters; or American TV weather forecasters?
  8. How many four-letter country names contain three dotted letters (i and j): None; One; Five or or Twelve?
  9. The famous educational online TED talks that are 'independently organized TED events' are called: TEDi; TEDe; TEDx; or TEDbare?
  10. What famous snack foods brand was named acronimically from the National Biscuit Company?
  11. What traditionally characterizes the 'stout' variety of beer: Super-strength and yellow; Dark and strong; Headless and bubble-free; or Sweet and fruity?
  12. In communications science UHF and VHF stand respectively for Very and Ultra: Hygienic Framework; High Frequency; Hexagonal Form; or Happy Family?
  13. Evaporation is the process in which a (What?) becomes a (What?) (two answers required): Liquid; Solid; Gaseous substance; or Plasma?
  14. Named after an example corporation, a business model shift using internet technology to connect directly many suppliers with many customers is called: Uberisation; Youtubation; Amazation; or Googlation?
  15. Zhōngguó (meaning 'central nation-state') is the official name of: Japan; China; India; or Mexico?
  16. Originally from Greek 'bous' ox, and boukolos, herdsman, 'bucolic' refers to: Countryside; Meat; Milk; or Indigestion?
  17. A Victorian 'coupe', reportedly first moulded from Marie Antoinette's left breast for her husband Louis XVI's birthday, is a: Fruit bowl; Champage glass; Military helment; or Stiff beret?
  18. German army veteran Eric Maria Remarque's brilliant 1928 book about the First World War, which in 1930 became a classic Best Picture Oscar film, is 'All (What?) on the Western Front": Guns; Men; Quiet; or Over?
  19. The popular recently Anglicized Danish/Norwegian word 'hygge' (pronounced roughly 'hew-gha') refers to a broad notion of: Love; Comfort; Dancing; or Extreme sports?
  20. Dale Carnegie's 1936 best-selling book about business and life is called "How to (What?) and Influence People": Make Money; Be Happy; Win Friends; or Bake Cakes?


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