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quizballs 438 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. The stirrup bone is in the human: Toe; Ankle; Ribcage; or Ear?
  2. Enriched by eggs, butter and milk, Brioche is a French: Chocolate; Porridge; Game pie; or Bread?
  3. Calypso music is a combination of: Latin-American; Afro-Caribbean; Tex-Mex; or Bohemian-Romany?
  4. The global spate of clown hoaxers in 2016 was said to be a PR stunt organized for the remake of the film: UP; IT; ET; or AT?
  5. Among other works Dutch artist M C Escher is especially famous for pictures of impossible: Ships; Staircases; Animals; or Food?
  6. Parsing or 'syntactic analysis' is the process of analysing: Molecular structures; Recyclable waste; Language; or Human genetics?
  7. What three letter prefix (Latin 'under/close to') makes new words when added to: Due; Urban, Marine, Traction, and Way?
  8. The word Muscovite is a: Moroccan desert rat; Mexican taxi; Moscow citizen; or Body-building protein drink?
  9. Based on the German legend of Dr Faustus, a Faustian Bargain is alternatively called: A Shotgun Wedding; A Deal with the Devil; Too Good to be True; or Supermarket Own-Label?
  10. What file extension abbreviation is traditionally used for a 'read-only' Adobe Acrobat document, generally of high reproduction/printing quality: PPT; DOC; PDF; or GIF?
  11. The symbol for latitude (an upside-down 'y') for Earth and planets etc, is the Greek letter: Beta; Gamma; Omega; or Lambda?
  12. Who in 2016 became the first singer-songwriter to be awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature: Paul McCartney; Bob Dylan; Leonard Cohen; or Howlin' Wolf?
  13. Slow Loris, Slender Loris, Potto, and False Potto are: Jeweller's solder; Nocturnal primates; Harry Potter elves; or Professional hair gels?
  14. Double-eye, Sharp, Between, Chenille, and Bodkin are types of: Sewing needles; Lizards; Radio antennae; or Archery longbows?
  15. The maximum effort expression 'Pull out all the stops' derives from: Newspaper editing; Bus driving; Commodity trading; or Organ playing?
  16. Fundamental binary systems in maths and computing are named after English mathematician George Boole (1816-64), whose theory was based on: Alpha-numerics; True/False; Decimals; or Artificial Intelligence?
  17. Stenography (Greek stenos, narrow), Brachygraphy (brachys, short), and Tachygraphy (tachys, swift) are better known as: Finger-print analysis; Shorthand; Dashboard instrumentation; or Fast-food?
  18. The hugely popular annual Hindu Festival of Lights is: Radhastami; Yatra; Diwali; or Ganesh Chaturthi?
  19. Which modern leadership methodology is mainly associated with Gandhi and Nelson Mandela: Servant; Situational; Narcissistic; or Autocratic?
  20. The Hubble Telescope recently proved an old theory that the sky is dark at night because: Black holes emit darkness; Hydrogen absorbs light; Vacuum is black; or The sky is actually light, but our eyes are de-sensitized by daylight?


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