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quizballs 436 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. What short female word prefixes these to make three new words: Ring; On; Mit?
  2. The devil is typically characterized as having what sort of foot: Big; Cloven; Club; or Hot?
  3. The Equator lies at how many degrees latitude: 0; 45; 50; or 90?
  4. Latin meaning "small pebble for counting", and the study of mathematical change, is: Geometry; Calculus; Algebra; or Logarithm?
  5. Gorgonzola cheese is named after an: Italian town; Iranian goat; American herb; or Israeli chef?
  6. TheĀ Iliad (ILIAD) and Odyssey are classical Greek epic poems about the Trojan War and aftermath attributed to: The Beowulf Poet; Homer; Dante; or Chaucer?
  7. Leadville, Montezuma and Alma of Colorado are the (What?) city/towns of USA: Wealthiest; Oldest; Highest; or Coldest?
  8. Electromagnetic radiation between X-rays and visible light is technically called: Ultraviolet; Infrared; Laser; or Sub-bass?
  9. What modern entertainment was originally an ancient religious practice: Juggling; Ventriloquism; Sword-swallowing; or Tap dancing?
  10. What month is in the NATO phonetic alphabet: March; November; July; or April?
  11. Cyclops is an ancient Greek mythological giant with one: Thumb; Finger; Eye; or Leg?
  12. What dangerous metalloid chemical element, symbol As, features in the famous 1939/41 play/film "(What?) and Old Lace"?
  13. A lathe process/effect for putting lined/patterned 'grip' onto cylindrical metal handles is: Whirling; Knurling; Curling; or Gurning?
  14. The two names (pre/post 1995) of the biggest city of India (early 21stC - two answers required) are: Bombay; Calcutta; Mumbai; Delhi; Hyderabad?
  15. Milk of Magnesia is a traditional treatment for: Headaches; Indigestion; Sheep; or Bird-flu?
  16. The children's game based on following instructions/elimination is called "(Who?) Says": Sammy; Simon; Sally; or Susan?
  17. John Alcock and Arthur Brown made the first non-stop (What?) in 1919: Spinning top; Electric clock; Transatlantic flight; or Machine gun?
  18. Figs are pollenated by Fig: Flies; Wasps; Beetles; or Frogs?
  19. The German Pritt company invented and launched in 1969 the first: Duct-tape; Glue-stick; Post-it note; or Stapler?
  20. What modern 'brand' was originated by Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh (1766-1843): Mach number (velocity measurement unit); Mac (raincoat); Big Mac (burger); Mack truck (heavy vehicles); or Mac computer (Apple Mac)?


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