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quizballs 435 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. An addiction treatment combining discomfort with addiction stimulus is called (What?) therapy: Abstention; Attraction; Aversion; or Perversion?
  2. Four-part harmony unaccompanied singing is called: Bus stop; Chip shop; Sweetshop; or Barbershop?
  3. A cloven foot (of cows, sheep, goats, etc) has how many toes or grounded hoof parts: One; Two; Three; or Four?
  4. 'Heavy Water' (deuterium oxide) contains a high percentage of Deuterium, an isotope of: Hydrogen; Carbon; Gold; or Lead?
  5. Based on fact, a penguin was introduced to the 2016 sequel celebrating 90 years of: Peter Pan; Winnie-the-Pooh; The Simpsons; or Tarzan?
  6. Yggdrasil (or Yggdrasill) is a vast mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in (What?) ancient belief system: Norse; Hinduism; Catholicism; or Jehovah's Witnesses?
  7. The Pietà refers to an artwork, typically a sculpture, featuring (Who?) in the lap of (Who?): Cleopatra; Jesus; Mary; Caesar; or Joseph?
  8. The Bay of Biscay is formed by the North and West coasts respectively of which two of: Morocco; Spain; Algeria; France; or Italy?
  9. The first famously cloned sheep of 1996, named after a country singer was: Hank; Dolly; Patsy; or Tammy?
  10. Which of these elements has a single letter symbol not found in its name: Carbon; Potassium; Hydrogen; Oxygen?
  11. Snatch, Clean, and Jerk feature in: Basketball; Weightlifting; Ten-pin bowling; or Morris dancing?
  12. Which one of these is not typically part of the popular Chinese 'Qigong' life system: Posture; Movement; Singing; Breathing; Meditation?
  13. A small group of marine animals is called a: Dod; Hod; Mod; Pod; Nod; Rod; Tod; Cod; Yod; Wod; or Zod?
  14. Sirius (the Dog Star) is the (What?) star in the Earth's night sky: Oldest; Brightest; Fastest; or Biggest?
  15. The Pangaea (or Pangea) refers to (What?) Continental singularity development: Language; Government; Race; or Landmass?
  16. Chinese scholarly writer/translator Guo Pu (AD276-324) is considered the father of what popular ancient concept, literally 'wind-water': Yin-Yang; Kung-Fu; Fengshui; or Acupuncture?
  17. The markings on a cricket pitch are called: Creases; Folds; Cuts; or Strokes?
  18. A gigolo is a: Ventriloquist; Ice-cream salesman; Male escort; or Bicycle bell?
  19. Hemostasis/haemostasis is a biological process which causes (What?) to stop: Breathing; Bleeding; Eating; or Living?
  20. The demonym of what iconic US city punningly suggests abstinence from animal products: Los Angeles; Las Vegas; Nashville; or San Francisco?


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