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quizballs 433 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. What maritime vessel prefixes these words to make five new words: Lime; Due; Merge; Mission; Stance?
  2. Roughly how many planet Earths would fit into the Sun? 100; 1,000; 10,000; or 1 million?
  3. The Levant, alluding to rising sun, is a historical European term for the lands of Eastern: Japan; Scandinavia; Mediterranean; or Canada?
  4. The wine grape Shiraz (Syrah) is widely said to originate from which nation's city of Shiraz: Spain; Iran; Russia; or China?
  5. Put the Ebay logo letters in correct order (EBAY): Green Blue Red Yellow?
  6. The lowest freshwater lake on Earth, called Tiberias/Kinneret/Gennesaret, fed by the River Jordan is more commonly known as the Sea of: Crete; Sardinia; Tranquility; or Galilee?
  7. The area of a right-angle isosceles triangle whose short sides are 3 metres each, is how many square metres: 3.3; 4.5; 6; or 7.5?
  8. A lichen is a composite organism arising from the mutual dependence/merging of (which two of): Coral; Algae; Fungus; Moss; or Weeds?
  9. Odin, from which the day Wednesday is named, is a prominent: French mountain; Cabbage variety; Norse/Germanic god; or Mediterranean eel?
  10. The 100-link 'Gunter's Chain', introduced 1620 by English mathematician Edmund Gunter, later replaced by the theodolite, is a distance of (What?) and device for measuring (What?) (two answers required): 50cms; 12 inches; 10 yards; 66 feet; (for measuring) Heads for hats; Football pitches; Potatoes; or Parcels of land?
  11. The Greek mythological lover of Aphrodite, and modern nickname for a beautiful man is: Zeus; Atlas; Hercules; or Adonis?
  12. The hormone epinephrine (adrenalin/adrenaline) is associated with what human reflex: Love-at-first-sight; Fight-or-Flight; Obsessive cleaning; or Gag?
  13. Hanukka is a November/December eight-day festival of: Catholicism; Judaism; Paganism; or Vegetarianism?
  14. Zeitgeist, from German words for time and ghost/spirit means: Surprise; Forgetting something; Daydream; or Popular mood?
  15. Zorbing is an activity requiring the participant to be inside a large: Maze; Bath; Ball; or Pantomime horse?
  16. "And the night shall be filled with music, And the cares, that infest the day, Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs, And as silently steal away.." is the last verse from The Day is Done, a famous poem by (also the author of The Song of Hiawatha): Shakespeare; Longfellow; Chaucer; or Wordsworth?
  17. The Katana is a: Samurai sword; Koala bear; Chilean province; or Egyptian god of gravity?
  18. Popularized in 1940s Afro/Hispanic-American culture, a flamboyant wide-shouldered jacket with high-waisted tight-ankled trousers is called a (What?) suit: Shoot; Boot; Root; or Zoot?
  19. Appalachia is a region associated with mountainous countryside in Eastern: Russia; Chile; USA; or Ireland?
  20. Which genius/writer's '3rd law' states: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" : Charles Dickens; Arthur C Clarke; JK Rowling; or Enid Blyton?


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