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quizballs 431 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. What word is a prefix for Potato, Slug, Gooseberry, Horse, Cow, Cucumber, Lettuce, and Lion: Sky; Sea; Earth; Wind; or Fire?
  2. Author Chris Van Allsburg and actor Robin Williams asserted that (What?) 1981 book/1995 movie about a real-life/jungle-boardgame means 'many effects' in Zulu?
  3. What word for sadness is from the ancient 'Four Humours' personality model of black-/yellow-bile/phlegm/blood: Misery; Depression; Melancholy; or Woebegone?
  4. Slub is bobbles or twists in: Toffee; Cloth/Thread; Ski-slopes; or Country dancing?
  5. In medicine, a lumbar puncture for cerebrospinal fluid testing is called a: Cranium drain; Back draw; Small drip; or Spinal tap?
  6. Phoenicia, the 1500-300BC coastal civilisation and foundation of much modern trade/language was based around the: Red Sea; Black Sea; China Sea; or Mediterranean?
  7. Krav Maga, developed late-1940s by Hungarian-Jewish Emrich 'Imi' Lichtenfeld (1910-98) is a highly efficient system of: Self-defence/defense; Origami; Town planning; or Business accounting?
  8. Gerontology is the study of what age/development in people: Newborn; Child; Adult; or Old?
  9. Masticate means: Argue; Chew; Give up; or Sneeze?
  10. What is the earliest form of digital electronic communication - originally for stock price telegraphy - also describing US celebrations/parades, from its use as confetti?
  11. Alfred Adler, Albert Ellis, Carl Rogers, and Aaron Beck are famous experts/pioneers in: Architecture; Orchestral conducting; Psychology; or Dance choreography?
  12. Who allegedly leapt from his bathtub into the street shouting 'Ureka' (I've found it') seeing his body displace water of equivalent volume: Einstein; Euler; Archimedes; or Plato?
  13. In tennis a legal serve which cannot be reached by the openent is called an: Jack; Ace; King; or Queen?
  14. Singlish refers to a variant English language spoken in: Spain; Singapore; The Vatican; or Prison?
  15. What sort of roller/tube pump, common in precise timed dosing, is named from the scientific action of the human intestines: Diaphragm; Peristaltic; Archimedean screw; or Resonating joggle?
  16. In language a gerund is a verb, typically with 'ing' added, used as a: Noun; Adjective; Expletive/insult; or Question?
  17. The Epistles of the New Testament in the Bible are considered to be originally: Letters; Poems; Stories; or Wills?
  18. Name the British 'new romantic' band whose grim name referred to executions at a Berlin prison?
  19. The German term 'deppenastroph' equates in English to the idiotic use of: Atomic weapons; Pesticides; Garlic; or Apostrophes?
  20. Jamaican Cecil Bustamente Campbell (1938-2016), originator/writer of ska songs such as One Step Beyond, Madness, and Al Capone is better known as: King Basher; Duke Beater; Prince Buster; or Earl Poker?


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