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quizballs 430 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. In theory the least number of strokes a player must make to win a tennis set is: 12; 16; 24; or 48?
  2. Tabasco, the chili pepper sauce is named after the same named: Mexican state; Brazilian chef; Spanish firecracker; or Russian vinegar?
  3. Petrology is a branch of (What?) and the study of (What?) (two answers required): Cookery; Transport; Geology; Motion; Rocks; or Fuel?
  4. The 'Doldrums' refers to an often calm and sometimes erratic weather region around: Antarctica; Cape Horn; Japan; or The Equator?
  5. Damask (named after Damascus) is a reversible design originating in 5th century Byzantine/Islamic culture for: Woven fabric; Leather; Glass; or Polythene sheet?
  6. English architecture that was prevalent between 1714-1830 is: Elizabethan; Georgian; Gothic; or Norman?
  7. The mown grass between the tees and holes on a golf course is called the: Byway; Fairway; Midway; or Highway?
  8. The first actor to refuse an Oscar (Academy Award) for Best Actor (for Patton, 1970), was: John Wayne; Sidney Poitier; George C Scott; or Marlon Brando?
  9. Ayran and Lassi are words for a popular Asian/Middle-Eastern drink made from which three of: Wine; Water; Coffee; Salt; Yoghurt; or Olive oil?
  10. The infectious disease diptheria is spread mainly by: Contact/air; Water; Mosquitoes; or Bats?
  11. In cricket a long-hop is a: Fielding position; Slow run; Toilet/comfort break; or Short-pitched easy ball?
  12. Where on clothing does an epaulette signify rank or add decoration: Collar; Shoulder; Breast; or Knee?
  13. Roughly 75% of the Sun's mass is (What?), and most of the remainder is (What?): Hydrogen; Oxygen; Carbon; Helium; or Mercury?
  14. What sun/fire-related creature from Greek/Roman mythology symbolizes reincarnation/rebirth, and is the most populous state capital of the USA?
  15. A traditional Easter pageant dramatic presentation of the end of Christ's life is also called a (What?) Play: Love; Passion; Pray; or Egg?
  16. Linseed oil is made from: Flax; Sunflowers; Olives; or Fish?
  17. Name the Nazi leader arrested 1941 in Scotland on a secret peace mission, subsequently imprisoned 1947 in Spandau, Berlin, until his 1987 suicide age 93, and last remaining inmate 1966-87?
  18. The tight spiral winding of thin cord around the end of a rope or rod for non-fraying/neatness is: Whipping; Thrashing; Beating; or Bashing?
  19. German pronunciation for the letter W is usually, loosely: Y (ya); H (ha); V (va); or O (oh)?
  20. The famous four-style personality profiling and testing theory originated by William Marston in 1928 is abbreviated to which four of these: A; D; i; q; S; v; C; or X?


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