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quizballs 42 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

  1. Which horse won the Epsom Derby in 1989?
  2. What is the medical condition icterus commonly called?
  3. What plant was traditionally cultivated in Europe for its unique blue dye?
  4. What significant member of the British government drowned when HMS Hampshire was sunk by a mine off Orkney in 1916?
  5. Who discovered and opened Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922?
  6. Who invented the jet engine?
  7. In which London building was the funeral of Diana Princess of Wales held in 1997?
  8. Which Argentine leader was deposed in 1982?
  9. Marron Glacé is what, preserved and coated in sugar?
  10. In which year was the Battle of Waterloo?
  11. Which actor's real name was William Henry Pratt?
  12. The creation of what famous and anthemic song is officially attributed to Banjo Paterson and Christina Macpherson?
  13. Who played Daisy Duke in the 2005 film The Dukes of Hazzard?
  14. What name is given to the uncut locks of hair worn on the sides of the head by orthodox male Jews?
  15. In Greek mythology what is the name of the river whose water when drunk caused complete forgetfulness and made the souls of the dead forget their life on earth?
  16. What are the little discs of waste called that are produced by a paper or card hole-punch?
  17. What are the padded high-waisted trousers with shoulder straps worn for skiiing called?
  18. What type of natural substance is caoutchouc (pronounced kachook)?
  19. The first atomic bomb explosion was carried out in which US state?
  20. Whose last work entitled The Transfiguration was unfinished when he died in 1520?
  21. What is the capital of Jordan?
  22. Which bird is generally considered to have the best sense of smell?
  23. Who was the second president of the USA?
  24. Who wrote the Ballad of Reading Gaol in 1898?
  25. The World Trade Organization was founded in 1995 in which European city?
  26. Brunswick, Lancastrian and Pearl Pickler are types of which vegetable?
  27. In numerology a tern is a set of how many?
  28. Eamon de Valera founded which Irish political party in 1926?
  29. Actor Frank Gorshin played which character in the 1960's TV series Batman?
  30. Pekoe is a type of which drink?
  31. Which station has the longest escalator in London's Tube network?
  32. Caprine relates to which animal?
  33. The Welland Ship Canal is in which country?
  34. Who played Woody Allen's ex-wife in the 1979 film Manhattan?
  35. The 1957 song Butterfly was (surprisingly) the only UK number one hit achieved by which significant recording artist?
  36. On what date is St Martin's Day - or Martinmas - celebrated in Europe?
  37. What is a funambulist?
  38. Where on a woman's body would you see a bindi?
  39. From which European country does Limburger cheese originate?
  40. England cricketer Denis Compton played for which county club?
  41. Mount Godwin-Austen is better known by which name?
  42. Who made the famous statement, 'I think, therefore I am' ?
  43. Who composed the ballet music Swan Lake in 1877?
  44. The city of Bulawayo is in which African country?
  45. Henry Darnley was the husband of which British monarch?
  46. Catherine de Medici was the wife of which French monarch?
  47. In what state was Jimmy Carter governor before becoming president?
  48. In which European city is the sixteenth century limestone Bridge of Sighs?
  49. In which film does Robert De Niro play the character Rupert Pupkin?
  50. The Florence Nightingale School of Nursing was founded in 1860 at which London institution?
  51. The person holding what office sits on the Woolsack in the House of Lords?


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