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quizballs 428 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. A drupe is a (What?) with a (What?): Fleshy fruit; Roman goddess; Monkey; Stone/kernel; Limp; Bruise?
  2. The Roman words Libra, Solidus, and Denarius became the name in English for: A recreational drug; Predecimal currency; Manchester United; or No10 Downing Street?
  3. A large paving stone is also called a: Scarf; Shawl; Flag; or Napkin?
  4. Causing a ball to drop intentionally or accidentally into a pocket in snooker or billiards is called a: Jar; Box; Pot; or Bucket?
  5. Which two of these make the alloy 'bell bronze' (or 'bell metal') used for fine cymbals/gongs/bells: Iron; Copper; Lead; Tin?
  6. Cotchford Farm, E Sussex, UK, was home to which famous children's author inspired by the nearby Ashdown Forest, and later which guitarist/founder of the Rolling Stones who died in the swimming pool (two answers required)?
  7. Sofrito and Socorat are respectively a starting paste and caramelized crispy pan scrapings of: Pizza; Paella; Fajita; or Chicken Tikka Masala?
  8. What is the square root of two-and-a-quarter, or 2.25: One; One-and-a-half; Two; or Two-and-a-half?
  9. Which city has made the consistently strongest claims for inventing the dish Chicken Tikka Masala: Paris; Los Angeles; Glasgow; or Sofia?
  10. Which capital city lies in the middle of the Balkan penninsular, midway between the Adriatic Sea to the West, and Black Sea to the East, and Aegean Sea to the South? Rome; Sofia; Jerusalem; or Moscow?
  11. Half treble, Double treble, Triple treble, and Treble relief are types of: Darts scores; Musical scores; Surgical procedures; or Crochet stitches?
  12. The ancient and often naturally occurring alloy Electrum comprises mainly which two of: Gold; Silver; Lead; or Tin?
  13. Which three of these are not among the main human blood group phenotype classifications: A, B, X, AB, O, N, NO?
  14. Greek mythology says Thetis held her baby Achilles by the heel to dip him in (What?) to make him immortal: Bull's blood; Ass's milk; Mercury; or The River Styx?
  15. What 1960s-invented garden cutter is a portmanteau (combination) of 'string' with a word describing its purpose?
  16. The 'Punnett Square' matrix and Mendelian inheritance are models for interpreting/predicting what sort of inheritence: National treasures; Offshore trusts; Intestate estates; or Genetic characteristics?
  17. When somebody dies 'intestate' this means without: Pain; Drugs; A will; or Warning?
  18. Which one of these is not (on average) among the three brightest objects in the night sky: The Moon; Jupiter, Venus; or Neptune?
  19. Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde devised what in 1557, superseding 'æ' (a shortening of its Latin meaning): Equals sign; At sign; Ampersand; or the word Also?
  20. Which great Indian statesman and spiritual leader (1869-1948) said: “We must become the change we want to see.” ?


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