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quizballs 427 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. A forward slash, is also named after the UK shilling sign and gold Roman coin: Ditto; Percent; Solidus; or Apostrophe?
  2. First produced in China 5000BC, Copper and Zinc make the alloy: Pewter; Bronze; Brass, or Magnox?
  3. Soporific refers to a tendency in something to induce: Alertness; Sleep; Anger; or Love?
  4. The tree and large single-seed berry fruit, native to Mexico, called the Alligator Pear, is commonly known as: Avocado; Nectarine; Pineapple; or Coconut?
  5. What global organization open to anyone above a certain IQ score is named after Latin for 'table'?
  6. What are normally electrically heated, can be waveless, free-flow, hard/soft-sided, and may increase home insurance premiums: Tropical aquariums; Lava-lamps; Waterbeds; or Home-cinema plasma screens?
  7. What popular drink is graded according to terminology including dust, fannings and orange pekoe: Tea; Coffee; Fruit cordial; or Gin?
  8. The recently troubled historically iconic music/entertainment brand HMV abbreviates which three of: His; Her; Home; Majesty's; Master's; Movie; Voice; Vibrations; or Volume?
  9. Best selling 'Manga' called One Piece, Golgo 13, and Dragon Ball are: 'Legal high' drugs; Japanese comics; Tattoo designs; or Italian glass lamps?
  10. Ganesha (also Ganapati/Vinayaka) the highly revered Hindu god of beginnings, wisdom, arts, writing, etc., is typically shown as the head of a: Lion; Tiger; Elephant; or Rabbit?
  11. The unusual verb requiring no object and correlating to abundance/abundant is: About; Abound; Abut; or Abuse?
  12. What characteristic enables an amulet to give protection to its owner/wearer: Leather; Bamboo; Steel wire; or Superstitious belief?
  13. In Greek mythology, Styx is a miraculously empowering/theatening: Volcano; River; Goat or Bread?
  14. An angry talk by a sports coach to an under-performing team is metaphorically called a: Microwave; Hair-dryer; Chest-freezer; or Eye-level grill?
  15. A 'petabyte' is how many terabytes: 1000; 1m; 10m; or 100m?
  16. The peculiar phrase: "Was it a car or a cat I saw?" is a: Malapropism; Juxtaposition; Palindrome; or Spoonerism?
  17. In snooker, after all the reds are potted, what ball must be potted after the Brown ball: Green; Pink; Blue; or Black?
  18. A caldera is a (What?) submerged under the sea or ocean: Lost city; Habitable cave system; Volcano crater; or Seaweed farm?
  19. A small star may be called a red, yellow, orange, white, brown or black: Goblin; Dwarf; Elf; or Pixie?
  20. Which great English writer (1819-1900) wrote the famous maxim for life and business: "There is hardly anything in the world that some man can’t make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey." : Charles Dickens; William Shakespeare; John Ruskin; or John Cleese?


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