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quizballs 421 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. Originally Buddhist/Hindu tradition, something once desired but now more trouble than it is worth, is called a: Black dog; White elephant; Brown cow; or Purple jellyfish?
  2. Kata and Kumite ('cum-ittay') are events in which new Olympic sport (added appropriately) for Tokyo 2020?
  3. Spell the German philosopher's name Friedrich: Neitzche; Neitsche; or Nietche; or Nietzsche?
  4. Which three of these are the essential ingredients of pastry: Egg; Flour; Sugar; Fat; Water; Salt?
  5. The common Anglicized name for God in Judaism is: Shiva; Jehovah; Kevala jnana; or Siddhartha Gautama?
  6. The term peripatetic, associated with ancient Greek teacher Aristotle, refers to a professional person who: Shouts; Travels; Works for free; or Gets depressed?
  7. The Aleutian Islands in the Pacific Ocean are owned by and connect which two nations: Russia; China; Japan; or USA?
  8. Name the two famous Shakespearean lovers in the NATO phonetic alphabet?
  9. One stalk of celery contains roughly how many calories: 6; 60; 160; or 600?
  10. Dr Christian Barnard achieved the first successful what in 1967: Colour TV broadcast; English channel swim; Human heart transplant; or Quadruple trampoline somersault?
  11. A Sirocco wind generally carries (What?) to the south coasts of Europe: Snow; Sahara dust; Locusts; or Acid rain?
  12. The 'interrobang' (or interabang) is a punctuation mark combining which two marks/meanings: Ampersand &; Question mark ? ; Exclamation mark ! ; or Asterisk * ?
  13. Runner, String, French, Broad, Navy and Great Northern are types of: Railway gauges; Vests; Beans; or Polar lights night sky displays?
  14. What popular Westernized word is Italian for a baby boy?
  15. What is the common 'portmanteau' computing term created from 'binary' and 'digit'?
  16. What word derived from feeble, refers to a sword blade from middle to point, and an eccentric weakness of a person?
  17. Ingeniously conceived by Greek inventor Philo of Byzantium (280-220BC) a gimbal keeps an instrument (What?), originally on a ship: Dry; Level; Safe/locked; or Oiled?
  18. In Greek mythology the 'Gigantomachy' was a fundamental battle between which two of these: Elements; Gods; Giants; Machines; Flowers; or Bees?
  19. Who wrote the famous philosophical book 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' ('Also sprach Zarathustra' - pub 1883-91) which included the controversial phrase "God is dead"?
  20. Match these into pairs of equivalent UK/US-English words: Grill, Hash, Tap, Nappy, Skip, Bumper, Diaper, Dumpster, Broil, Pound, Faucet, Fender?


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