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quizballs 419 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. In anatomy, our platelets - or thrombocytes - are in the: Skull; Teeth; Blood; or Toenails?
  2. What is the literal descriptive common name of the high aerial bird family Apodidae, among the fastest of all creatures?
  3. Snooker is played with balls of Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Black, Pink, and which two other colours?
  4. A South-West wind generally blows a free-floating vessel: South-West; North-East; North-West; or South-East?
  5. The date of Easter each year is determined by the: Pope; European Union HQ; Lunar Calendar; or World's largest TV companies?
  6. The 'Radarange', first sold in 1946, using 'dielectric polarization', was the first: Fridge; Freezer; Microwave oven; or Hair dryer?
  7. The oldest world sports championship title, established in 1740 (won by Clergé de Elder), is for: Camel-racing; Real Tennis; Pistol-shooting; or Snooker?
  8. Housewife, Bag, Oxford, and Mock Oxford are types of: Trousers; Vacuum-cleaner designs; Crochet stitches; or Pillow-slips?
  9. Remo Belli's eponymously named company used Mylar (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalatename) to originate in 1957 the famous 'Weather King': Raincoats; Umbrellas; Drum skins; or Surfboards?
  10. What odd-shaped UK venue opened 1872 on August bank holiday, and has hosted The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Who and Tom Jones: the Royal Albert Hall; The O2; Crystal Palace; or Hastings Pier?
  11. Launched by Glaxo in 1954, and hugely popular in India, Complan is a brand of: Powdered milk; Headache tablets; Birth control pill; or Toothpaste?
  12. What American term for a male athlete derives originally from slang for the male member, via a protective undergarment worn by horse-riders and cyclists: Dick; Bill; Jock; or Willy?
  13. "The unit within the system, with the most behavioural responses available to it, controls the system..." is the powerful First Law of: Physics; Motion; Cybernetics; or Parenting?
  14. Since 1826, the island of Anglesey in Wales boasts the world's first modern: Police station; Football club; Suspension bridge; or Telephone exchange?
  15. Devised in the 1920s by Leo Gerstenzang, 'Baby Gays' later became: Wet/Baby wipes; Q-Tips/Cotton buds; Disposable nappies/diapers; or Pipe cleaners?
  16. The Spanish Armada refers to a: Battle; Invasion; Revolution; or Fleet of Spanish warships?
  17. Name the disease famously introduced to control Australian rabbit population in the 1950s, and subsequently in Europe?
  18. Mollycoddle - meaning excessively indulge/protect derives from old slang for a prostitute and to gently warm a drink - True or False?
  19. Rock salmon, rock eel, flake, huss or Sweet William, all refer to a popular edible fish which is actually a: Large cod; Tuna; Small shark; or Swordfish?
  20. German Klaus Obermeyer, an instructor in Aspen, Colorado, founded a company (1950-60s) specialising in: Cookware; Software; Ski-wear; or Beachwear?


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