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quizballs 414 - free Leicester Football and Leicestershire questions for trivia quizzes

In 2016 something utterly extraordinary happened in the city of Leicester UK. Leicester City Football Club won the English Premier League Championship, against odds of 5,000-1. In the field of sport, and anything else for that matter, instances of anything happening against odds of 5,000-1 are virtually unprecedented, especially in top-level team competition spread over many months. The season before (2014-15), Leicester were mostly at the bottom of the Premier League, and vast odds-on to be relegated, until they staged a remarkable recovery to escape relegation under the management of Nigel Pearson, and an excellent support team, oddly after the pitch was blessed by Buddhist monks. Nevertheless the club, which had only been promoted to the top division in 2014, began the 2015-16 season as strong favourites for relegation, and yet somehow, with a team of unknowns costing a tenth of their rivals, and seemingly nothing to indicate any possibility of success, Leicester City FC lifted one of the most coveted and demanding trophies in international competition, after 9 months of consistent brilliance. Wonderfully committed teamwork, players improving and performing far beyond expectations, relaxed modest careful high-integrity management, patient and spiritually guided governance/ownership, passion, determination, and fanatical followers, all seem to have combined to produce a miracle of performance and achievement that defies belief and rational explanation. This quiz is a celebration of this remarkable inexplicable happening, which offers inspiration to anyone seeking to achieve the impossible. Businessballs was founded in Leicester. I raised my family there. It is a completely amazing place, now made even more incredible.

  1. Coach Claudio Raniero spent how many years in management before winning his first top-level league championship with Leicester FC in 2016: 3; 7; 10; or 28?
  2. In the early 2000s Leicester became the first UK city whose majority of population is: Over 60; Under 40; Ethnically diverse; or over 6ft tall?
  3. By how many points did Leicester City win the 2015/2016 Premier League title: 1; 2; 3; or 10?
  4. Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire is famous for its European Protected designation of origin named: Pork pie; Potato pasty; BLT sandwich; or Bacon ice cream?
  5. Which English King was found in a Leicester car park in 2012, and reburied in Leicester Cathedral in 2015?
  6. In how many games did Leicester City FC not concede a goal in their 2015-16 Premiership winning season: 4; 6; 14; or 29?
  7. How many games did Leicester City FC lose at their home ground in their winning 2015-16 season: 1; 2; 3; or 5?
  8. Leicester is the location of the UK's foremost visitor centre devoted to: Space and astronomy; Agriculture; Mathematics; or Pop music?
  9. Leicester City FC's 2015-16 Premier League winning coach Claudio Ranieri is: Spanish; Brazilian; Italian; or American?
  10. Wes Morgan's role for Leicester City FC's 2015-16 Premier League winning team was: Goalkeeper; Striker; Physio; or Captain?
  11. Leicester City FC's owners are (at 2016) what nationality: America; Thailand; China; or Russia?
  12. Name the English 'Queen of nine days' (1553), born and raised at Bradgate House at Newtown Linford in Leicestershire?
  13. Name the Leicester City FC striker who in 2016 broke the record for scoring in consecutive Premiership games?
  14. In 1485 the last English monarch to be (What?) occurred at Bosworth Field in Leicestershire: Christened; Killed in battle; Crowned outdoors; or National jousting champion?
  15. At 2016 Leicester City FC's stadium and shirt sponsor name, and owner is called '(What?) Power': People; King; Queen; or Super?
  16. What internationally popular Leicester-formed rock band played at Leicester City FC's Premiership celebrations in May 2016?
  17. Leicester City FC's colours are: Red and white; Black and white; Blue and white; or Claret and Blue?
  18. What Leicestershire village is famous for its historic fox hunt and the name origin for a popular meat substitute food?
  19. Leicester City FC's 1950s-70s players Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton are considered among the world's best ever: Midfielders; Goalkeepers; Strikers; or Wingers?
  20. In 2016 Mark Selby from Leicester won for the second time the World Championship for: Table Tennis; Darts; Snooker; or F1 Motor Racing?
  21. Name the Leicester-born world-class goalscorer for Leicester City FC and England who became a hugely successful TV presenter?
  22. Name the globally popular snack brand founded and based in Leicester, at the largest production plant of its type in the world?
  23. Name Leicester City FC's Danish 2015-16 Premiership winning goalkeeper and his world-class goalkeeper father?
  24. Leicester City FC's playing kit sponsors/makers during their 2015-16 Premiership winning season were: Nike; Puma; Adidas; or Umbro?
  25. Name the Leicester-born eponymous inspiration of the early 19th textile machinery smashers of the English industrial revolution, whose collective name is now a term for someone resisting new technology: Bill Strudd; Tom Hudd; Bob Budd; or Ned Ludd?


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