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quizballs 412 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. James Grieve, Blenheim Orange, Irish Peach, and Ashmead's Kernel are traditional varieties of: Walnuts; Apples; Plums; or Lemons?
  2. RPM on a traditional record player stands for what?
  3. A traditional Moroccan house with central atrium courtyard/garden is called a: Riad; Cyan; Triad; or Fad?
  4. Junk, Trimaran, Pontoon, and Luzzu are types of: Card games; Boats; Floppy hats; or Indian spiced rice dishes?
  5. The Atlas Mountains extend across which three of these countries: Spain; Morocco; Turkey; Algeria; Tunisia?
  6. Twelve three-hundredths (12/300) expresssed as a percentage is: 2%; 4%; 8%; or 12%?
  7. Sabot and saboton (from French, savate and botte) are respectively a box from which casino cards are dealt, and knight's armour, equating to a: Shoe; Glove; Hat; or Pocket?
  8. Oddly known by its river, Kingston-upon-(What?) was judged by Rough Guides 2016 among the ten best places to visit in the world: Thames; Severn; Hull; or Trent?
  9. The traditional pudding of strawberries, meringue and whipped cream is called: Eton Mess; Harrow Crumble; Roedean Chaos; or Westminster Splodge?
  10. Flat-top, Pageboy, Mullet, and Bob are: Simpson's characters; Hairstyles; Plumber's tools; or Yacht sail configurations?
  11. Who discovered gravity and proposed the Three Laws of Motion: Darwin; Newton; Aristotle; or Freud?
  12. What does the space/movie term ET stand for?
  13. Onychomycosis and Onychoschizia are fungal and splitting complaints of human: Hair; Ligaments; Finger/toenails; or Skull?
  14. Gluteus medius, Gluteus maximus and Piriformis are muscles in human: Arms; Legs; Hands; or Buttocks?
  15. Clove hitch, Sheepshank, Figure eight, and Bowline are: Wrestling holds; Daisies; Knots; or Australian country dances?
  16. The Piolet d'Or is a major award by the French magazine Montagnes for: Skiing; Mountaineering; Wine-making; or Goat-herding?
  17. The UK average hourly wage for a FTSE company CEO (2014/15) is about: £300; £550; £750; or £1200?
  18. To enable accurate measuring of Moon-Earth distance the NASA lunar landings of 1969-72 left on the moon a: Laser; Powered loudspeaker; Mirror; or Marked basketball court?
  19. What scientist did the Vatican officially pardon in 1992, having declared him a heretic, and forced him to recant under threat of torture, for asserting in 1632 that the Earth orbits the Sun: Galileo; Da Vinci; Copernicus; or Newton?
  20. A linen 'stola' is the female equivalent of the Roman man's woollen: Toga; Loincloth; Hat; or Underpants?


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