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quizballs 407 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. Flared trousers were originated in the early 1800s by: Sailors; Clergymen; Circus ring-masters; or Rat-catchers?
  2. The Hang Seng is Hong Kong's: Metro; Daily newspaper; Stock market index; or Dog show?
  3. Annealing a metal makes it: Melt; Softer; Vaporize/vapourise; or Convert into diamond?
  4. Shire, Arabian, Mustang, and Hackney are types of: Radish; Taxi; Religious cult; or Horse?
  5. The Soviet Union dissolution of 1991 created how many independent states: 5; 9; 15; or 35?
  6. A half divided by a sixth is: A third; A Ninth; A Twelfth; or Three?
  7. Where are found the Seas of Tranquility, Cleverness, Nectar, and Moisture: Human liver; Superman comics/films; The South Pole; or The Moon?
  8. Pitcairn Islands, home to several 1790 'Mutiny on the Bounty' mutineers, are in the Southern: Pacific; Mediterranean; Baltic; or Arctic?
  9. Spell the Japanese rice dish: Sushi; Souchi; ; Sueshy; or Soo shee?
  10. In a church a piscina is a: Choirboy's scarf; Basin; Altar cloth; or Medieval organ?
  11. Englishman Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, (1716-83) is a globally famous: Landscape/garden architect; Boxer; Genetic scientist; or IQ test developer?
  12. Blepharoplasty refers to a common cosmetic surgery on: Feet; Eyelids; Nose; or Stomach?
  13. Zephyr, Sirocco, Mistral, and Chinook are names of: Cars; Helicopters; Winds; or Chocolate bars?
  14. The most common material used in lightning protection is (What?) and its alloys: Copper; Silver; Gold; or Lead?
  15. Arrange in chronological order, oldest first, these architectural periods: Victorian, Gothic, Neolithic, Baroque?
  16. The Poaceae or Gramineae family of organisms is better known as: Dogs; Grasses; Fish; or People?
  17. Match these writers, nationalities, and books: Bram Stoker/Mary Shelley/William Blatty - American/Irish/English - The Exorcist/Dracula/Frankenstein?
  18. Match these islands to their capitals: Isle of Wight, Sri Lanka, Tasmania, Madagascar - Colombo, Antananarivo, Hobart, Newport?
  19. The City of London financial district is known traditionally as The Square: Field; Mile; Pound; or Barrel?
  20. Which two of these are not among the five North American Great Lakes: Superior, Eerie, Serpentine, Huron, Como, Ontario, Michigan?


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