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  1. The web 'error' code 404 means: Insufficient memory; Not found; Password required; or Broken mouse?
  2. A famous sports car named after Argentina's hot dusty North wind, is the: Corvette; Porsche; Zonda; or SLK?
  3. A ship/plane's side-to-side turning movement is called: Yaw; Mye; Hur; or Thair?
  4. On a QWERTY keyboard the backslash (\) shares the key with the: Colon; Asterisk; Hash; or Vertical bar?
  5. What metal has the lowest boiling point?
  6. What is half of three-eighths?
  7. What regal name is capital of Seychelles, and British Columbia (Canada), and is an Australian state?
  8. What area unit is an American football field, equal to 4840 sq yds, originally that a farmer and ox could plough in a day?
  9. Horology is the study of: Light; Time; Coincidence; or Fear?
  10. The still-used ancient unit of weight equating roughly to 0.065 gms or 65 milligrams is a: Seed; Petal; Grain; or Drip?
  11. The photocopying technology called Xerography is named from Greek 'xero' meaning: Wet; Dry; Hot; or Black-and-white?
  12. A zuchetto, from Italian zucca, pumpkin, rather like the Jewish kippah/yarmulke, is a: Crystal ball; Shooting star; Cleric's cap; or Camel cheese?
  13. The saying to have one's "head in the sand" (meaning deny a threat exists) refers to the mythical antics of the: Elephant; Ostrich; Snake; or Meerkat?
  14. The Wehrmacht refers historically to Germany's: Railway system; Royal palace; Armed forces; or Women?
  15. How many pints are in a quart: 1; 2; 3; or 4?
  16. The 404 telephone dialling area code belongs to: Atlanta (Georgia USA); London; The Moon; or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?
  17. Which organization launched the Mates condom brand in 1987: Virgin; Sky; Trump Industries; or The Vatican?
  18. The Azores are: West Pacific winds; South American tides; North Atlantic volcanic islands; or Sunburn blisters?
  19. Weimaraner ('vymaraana') pointer/gun dogs are typically distinctively: Spotted; Striped; Grey/gray; or Hairless?
  20. In Catholicism, match these skullcaps correctly: Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, Priest - Purple, White, Black, Red?


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