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quizballs 401 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. The Latin prefix 'dino' (as in dinosaur) means: Giant; Terrible; Noisy; or Old?
  2. Approximately how much Francium (the rarest metal on the planet) exists on Earth: 1000 tonnes; 10 tonnes; 50 kilos; or less than an ounce?
  3. Argan oil, chiefly from Morocco, used in cooking and cosmetics, is extracted from a: Seaweed; Cactus; Tree nut; or Camel?
  4. Mocha is coffee with added: Alcohol; Chocolate; Cream; or Tea?
  5. According to The Bible's Book of Genesis in which God created Heaven and Earth in six days, on the first day God created: Man and Woman; Fire and Air; Darkness and Light; or The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea?
  6. A 'cricket box' is a: Painted batting zone; Safe area for spectators; Chest for stumps, balls, bats, etc; or Batsman's groin protector?
  7. Paraguay, Bolivia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Nepal, and Lesotho have no: Coastlines; Armies; Cathedrals; or McDonald's?
  8. What Greek word meaning 'upon/additionally' prefixes these words to create different words and a rock'n'roll brand: Centre/Center, Cure, Dermis, Gram, Tome, and Phone?
  9. The area of a circle with a radius of 56.5cms is approximately how many square metres: 1; 3; 5; or 10?
  10. Italian clothier Emilio Ceccato redesigned/provided the traditional striped shirts in 2016 for: Venice's gondoliers; Vatican guards; Inter Milan soccer club; or Segregated Mafia prison inmates?
  11. Endemic means: Contagious; Geographically native/unique; Historically significant; or Final/fatal?
  12. Persian, Venetian, Roman, and Vertical are types of: Doorways; Staircases; Window blinds; or Pure cat breeds?
  13. What African nation is known in parts of Asia by the local names of two of its famous cities Marrakech and Fes?
  14. Macau, Monaco and Singapore have the world's most (What?): Dense populations; Rainfall; Prisoners; or Sherry drinkers?
  15. What drink from the Camellia sinensis plant has green, black and white varieties: Sarsaparilla; Coffee; Tequila; or Tea?
  16. The dermis and cutis are parts of the human: Heart; Brain; Skin; or Bones?
  17. The largest theme park in Europe, subject to approval 2016, is planned by Paramount in: Dartford; Helsinki; Reykjavik; or Calais?
  18. The standard spoken English accent of the UK, abbreviated to 'RP', traditionally used by BBC newsreaders, the Royal Family and 'upper class' is fully called '(What?) Pronunciation': Revised; Revived; Received; or Rhubarb?
  19. Volvic, Evian, Perrier and San Pellegrino are famous brands of: Knitwear; Bottled water; Cosmetics; or Golf equipment?
  20. The Arabic word 'al' (AL) roughly translates in English to mean: Go; The; Me; or You?


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