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quizballs 398 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. A quarter multiplied by a third is a: Half; Quarter; Third; or Twelfth?
  2. Isaac Asimov, Robert A Heinlein, and Arthur C Clarke are famous writers of: Crime-thrillers; Science-Fiction; Children's Stories; or 1900s Broadway Musicals?
  3. Plankton (including jellyfish, algae, krill) is named from Greek 'planktos', which refers to its defining feature: Drifter; Hunter; Poisonous; or Tasty?
  4. Which one of these cheeses is not from and named after a Dutch city/place: Edam; Gouda; Emmental; or Leerdammer?
  5. The planet Jupiter has how many known moons: None; One; Two; or Sixty-seven?
  6. Barber, Debussy, Glass and Holst are: Occupational surnames; Composers; Diamond cuts; or Google brands?
  7. The area of a right-angled isosceles triangle whose two short sides are 4cms each is how many square cms: 8; 10; 12; or 16?
  8. The major UK/European mobile network corp EE was originally branded: Eccentric Egg; Everything Everywhere; Excellent Elephant or Electric Earhole?
  9. Marfona, Charlotte, Jersey, and Desiree are: Atlantic islands; Potato varieties; Canadian state capitals; or Medieval German queens?
  10. According to the iconic 1958 song, popularized futuristically again in 1985, 'Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans, Way back up in the woods among the (What sort of trees?) ?
  11. Comb, Spiral, Ring and Perfect are types of: Hair perming; Ice-skating moves; Book-bindings; Solar flares; or Wedding cake decorations?
  12. Mach 1 refers to the speed of: Gravity; Light; Sound; or the Starship Enterprise?
  13. Which one of these is not a popular curry dish: Jalfrezi; Tikka Masala; Bhuna; or Wonton?
  14. Which two of these are not 'open' (unfretted) strings of a conventionally tuned guitar: E, B, G, D, C, H?
  15. According to the punning joke, the difference between a buffalo and a (What synonym?) is that you cannot wash your hands in a (What?) - (two punning answers required)?
  16. A subaltern is an old word for an: Arranged marriage; Bank holiday; Army officer; or Curry starter dish?
  17. Which one of these is not among the three most common gases of the Earth's atmosphere, instead being the most abundant chemical in the Universe: Nitrogen; Oxygen; Argon; or Hydrogen?
  18. The hook symbol joined under a letter (e.g., to the letter C, to soften the sound) is a: Streg; Circumflex; Cedilla; or Umlaut?
  19. Common interpretation (UK/US) of a 'duplex' home mostly equates to: Maisonette; Basement; Loft; or Full of gadgets?
  20. Bloodhound, Bluebird, Koenigsegg, and Thrust are: Fast cars; Space probes; Superman villians; or Twitter apps?


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