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quizballs 397 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. Shazam is a globally popular phone app which recognizes and identifies: Barcodes; Music/Songs; Places/Routes; or Food?
  2. Zika disease, identified 1947 and epidemic in S America commencing 2015, is mainly transmitted by infected: Water; Mosquitoes; Coughing and sneezing; or Fruit?
  3. Alphabet became in 2015 the holding company of which vast tech corporation?
  4. What term evolved c.2009-2014 from meaning simply 'relaxing' to a euphemism for sex: Virtual reality; Netflix and chill; TV and pizza; or Harry Potter and popcorn?
  5. IHOP refers to which N American-based fast-food chain?
  6. What term, originally and still associated with bread, refers to products made in sets and computer files containing several instructions?
  7. Which of one of these pairs are Arabic derived/inspired words for a high point and a low point: Zephyr & Nike; Nip & Tuck; Zenith & Nadir; or Boom & Bust?
  8. Cryptically, what garden hut bulb means 'reveal a mystery', or 'provide an explanation'?
  9. Barbara Millicent Roberts (1959 - present) from Willows Wisconsin is better known as what iconic figure?
  10. First recorded late 1800s, the UK terms gongoozling/gongoozler refer to enjoyably watching: Soccer; Birds; Canal boats; or Paint dry?
  11. According to DC Comics history, 'Nightwing' when younger was: Desperate Dan; Robin; Catwoman; or Bart Simpson?
  12. Which of these is not a famous computer operating system: Unix; Windows; Linux; or Glytch?
  13. In the history of the universe what term refers to immediately after the Big Bang: Inflation; Inflammation; Conflagration; or Mastication?
  14. Breitling, Fortis, Hublot and Longines are makers of: Sports cars; Kitchen knives; Watches; or Equine accessories?
  15. Panhead, Shovelhead, Knucklehead and Flathead are types of: Harley Davidson motorbike engines; Ice-hockey playing positions; Bottom-feeding lake fish; or USA money slang?
  16. What girl's name beginning with A was punningly chosen first when the UK decided in 2015 to 'name' its storms?
  17. Kola, Palm, Pecan and Betel are: African languages; Milking goat breeds; Nuts; or Smartphone operating systems?
  18. The fitness corporations Fitbit and Fitbug, subject of legal actions 2013-16, pioneered: Energy bars; Energy drinks; Wearable technology; or Performance drugs?
  19. Which one of these is not a cloud type: Altostratus; Cumulonimbus; Cirrostratus; or Fluphosoftus?
  20. Diacritical marks are symbols for guiding/indicating: Pronunciation; Student grades; Surgical procedures; or Road mending?


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