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quizballs 395 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. What word is a flat-bottom boat, a football kick, a glassmaking tool, and a dented base of a wine bottle?
  2. Turkish Van, Chartreux, Scottish Fold and Ragdoll are types of: Malt Whiskies; Cats; Table-napkin folds; or National dances?
  3. What popular orange-coloured citrus fruit is surprisingly a hybrid of the pomelo (25%) and mandarin (75%)?
  4. From commencement in 1929 roughly how many Oscar awards will have been awarded in total up to 2017: 200; 400; 750; or 3000?
  5. On a Bounty Bar wrapper (or other confection), 'Zartherb' (German) and 'Puur' (Dutch) refer to what sort of chocolate: Milk; Plain/Dark; Organic or Aerated?
  6. Undiscovered for 100 years and published 2016, 'The Tale of Kitty-In-Boots' was written by: Shakespeare; Byron; Wordsworth; or Beatrix Potter?
  7. 2015 scientific research 'proved' whose powers would not have been physically/technically possible: Batman; Hulk; Spider-Man; or Superman?
  8. Put these countries in order of Northernmost first: Kenya, Chile, Syria?
  9. What is the sweet clear liquid by-product from soap manufacture, used in laxatives, explosives and antifreeze: Glycerine; Trinitrotoluene(TNT); Gelignite; or Semtex?
  10. At 2015 the biggest cause of death among UK men under 50 is: Road accidents; Cancer; Suicide; or Heart attack?
  11. Whose 'heroic' performance at the German Reichstag in 1987 is considered a catalyst for the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989/90?
  12. According to Greek fable, someone who uses something to prevent others doing so is a 'Dog in a (What?)': Toilet; Catsuit; Manger; or Dinner?
  13. The UK state-subsidised 'e-Voke' is a hi-tech reduced risk alternative for: Cigarettes; Alcohol; Condoms; or Smacking children?
  14. What is 75% of three-quarters expressed as a fraction?
  15. The US 1899-founded Gideons International organization is famous for distributing to 200 countries free: Clothes; Bibles; Milk; or Contraceptives?
  16. Angiosperm (from Greek 'angeion', bottle) is a major scientific classification of land plants which have seeds and: Flowers; Thorns; Aroma; or Green leaves?
  17. The abbreviation NPS (Novel Psychoactive Substance) refers informally to a: Legal High; Bitcoin; E-Book; or E-number?
  18. LNER Flying Scotsman, built in 1923, became in 1934 the first (What?) to attain 100mph: Jet plane; Hovercraft; Steam train; or Tricycle?
  19. Considered the oldest living land animal at 183yrs in 2016, on St Helena island, Sth Atlantic, Jonathan is a Seychelles Giant: Elephant; Crocodile; Tortoise; or Snail?
  20. Which three of these are not members of Disney's (Snow White) 'Seven Dwarfs': Happy, Smelly, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Wimpy, Doc, Sneezy, Dopey, or Greedy?


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