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quizballs 394 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. At 2015 how many people owned as much as the poorest half of the world's population (ie over 3billion people): 62; 6,200; 62,000; or 620,000?
  2. The word 'hongi' is Maori for a traditional New Zealand: Dollar bill; Rugby victory celebration; Striped sheep; or Noses-to-nose greeting?
  3. What autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark has the Internet Top-Level Domain of .gl?
  4. What ancient Greek's name is given to the professional/ethical oath of medical doctors: Plato; Hippocrates; Aristotle; or Alexander the Great?
  5. What element (Au) commonly prefixes to the following: Boy; Opportunity; Age; Floor and Rule?
  6. The German surname and name-suffix Baum referred to living near or resembling a: Tree; Volcano; Bog; or Goat?
  7. What is four-fifths divided by four-fifths: Two-fifths; Four-tenths; One-fifth; or One?
  8. What is removed from natural yogurt to produce Greek yogurt (also called labneh [Arabic] and strained yogurt): Salt; Whey; Water; or Lumps?
  9. The famous website franchise which offers entertaining educational 18 minute talks videos is abbreviated to: DAN; BILL; TED; or BARRY?
  10. Hock is an 19th century originating English term for a: German wine; Spanish Omelette; Dutch chocolate; or Russian doll?
  11. What Latin word meaning equal expresses a quality standard/norm (on or below or above etc), alluding to golfing performance?
  12. What creature's name is from Greek 'river horse': Crocodile; Elephant; Hippopotamus; or Donkey?
  13. The atomic number of an element refers primarily and additionally to its: Weight and density; Speed and light; Protons and electrons; or Sound and vision?
  14. What orange spice/colouring comes from the crocus plant, often associated with rice?
  15. Theseus, Hypolytta, Nick Bottom, and Oberon the King of the Fairies are in Shakespeare's play: The Tempest; A Midsummer Night's Dream; Romeo and Juliet; or King Lear?
  16. The human gastrocolic reflex typically prompts someone to visit the: Pub/Bar; Toilet; Hairdressers; or Sweet-shop?
  17. Wikipedia's spherical logo features what symbol for Greek W, also a fatty acid name: Omega; Upsilon; Sigma; or Gamma?
  18. What hugely popular cereal crop has varieties including Arborio (Italy), Ambemohar (India), Doongara (Australia), and Uruchimai (Japan)?
  19. In US TV cartoon sitcom Family Guy which of these Griffin family members is the anthropomorphic dog: Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, or Brian?
  20. Match these court surfaces to the four Tennis 'Major' tournaments: Hard, Clay, Grass - to the Grand Slam events - Australian, French, US, and Wimbledon?


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