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quizballs 393 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. What creatures were first to live on land and fly: Insects; Birds; Bats; or Fish?
  2. The human body's energy chemical is: Cortisone; Serotonin; Glucose; or Blood?
  3. A gable or gable wall of a house is usually defined by having a: Front door; Triangular upper face; Bay window; or No windows or doors?
  4. Tundra regions of the world are typically defined as having no: Animals; Trees; Water; or Shops?
  5. Who created the 1970s persona Thin White Duke, and subsequent brands Glass Spider and Tin Machine?
  6. Grissini are Italian: Breadsticks; Baked beans; Beetroots; or Bananas?
  7. The Solanum Pseudocapsicum plant, called winter cherry and Jerusalem cherry, is noted for being very: Poisonous; Tasty; Prickly; or Luminous?
  8. What was the Russian city of Stalingrad renamed in 1961, after Europe's longest river?
  9. Chinese Emperor Jing Di's 141BC tomb revealed in 2015 the early use of: Tea leaves; Whisky; Cigars; or Magic mushrooms?
  10. Who wrote/directed the movies The Hateful Eight and Inglourious Basterds?
  11. The famous Ancient Roman marble statue 'Venus Callipyge' or 'Callipygian Venus' literally and artistically represents "Venus/Aphrodite of the beautiful...": Hair; Face; Eyes; or Buttocks?
  12. What Anglicized-French word referring to prestige derives from the verb to press?
  13. What is three-eighths divided by a half: Three-quarters; Five-eighths; Five-sixteenths; or One-and-a-half?
  14. The motor theft crime abbreviated in the UK to TWOC (hence the slang verb 'twocking') stands for what?
  15. Best-selling Japanese author Marie Kondo refers to Japanese 'Tokimeku' ('spark joy' - literally palpitate) in the life-changing 'KonMari' method of: Hill-running; Cat-training; Decluttering; or Hedge-trimming?
  16. Besides humans, the most widely distributed mammals on Earth are: Dogs; Cats; Whales; or Hamsters?
  17. Who controversially interviewed the on-the-run Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman for Rolling Stone Magazine just before his 2015 capture: Sean Penn; Madonna; Oprah Winfrey; or Judi Dench?
  18. What sort of sea creatures are fulmars and petrels: Snails; Birds; Otters; or Fish?
  19. The US Second Amendment (to the US Constitution) protects the rights of US citizens to: Decline to answer questions that could incriminate onself in a criminal case; Keep/bear arms (guns); Drink alcohol; or Drive a car/carriage on a highway?
  20. Vaquita porpoise 'maw', an illegally trafficked delicacy in Chinese cuisine, priced upwards of $10,000/kilo, is the creature's: Eyes; Tongue; Heart; or Swim bladder?
  21. Which three of these characteristics do not feature in a 'mullet' hairstyle: Long fringe; Short sides; Short Front; Long back; Greased and slicked back; or Combed-over a bald patch?


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