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quizballs 392 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. The two essential ingredients of praline confectionery are: Alcohol, Nuts, Sugar, Fruit; or Air bubbles?
  2. In the year 2014 only ten baby boys in England and Wales were registered with the Christian name: Oliver; Jack; Noah; or Nigel?
  3. What is a ninth divided by a third?
  4. What is the English equivalent/interpretation of the Russian term, commonly abbreviated, 'Rochnoy Protivotankovy Granatomyot'?
  5. Which two of these do not share a land border with the Netherlands: France; Germany; Belgium; or Russia?
  6. When moving a cat to a new home, it is popularly and mythically believed that rubbing (What?) on its paws will stop it wandering away: Fish oil; Butter; Jam; or A freshly killed mouse?
  7. A dessicant is a hygroscopic substance used to produce (What?) in its vicinity: Dryness; Wetness; Sweetness; or Silence?
  8. Which three of these are not among the Moshi Monster characters: Diavlo, Luvli, Bonk, Katsuma, Poppet, Banana, Zommer, Furi, Spatula?
  9. A tealight (small cheap candle in a disposable cup which liquifies when burning) are so called because they were originally: Tea-pot warmers; Made of tea plant wax; Burned in Japanese tea ceremonies; or Tea-scented?
  10. The Ancient Egyptian mummy/afterlife figure Anubis is typically half-man and half-: Dog; Cow; Mouse; or Locust?
  11. Put these three in order of hottest first: Earth core, Sun surface, Nuclear-bomb explosion centre?
  12. Colours/colors are actually different: Light wavelengths; Temperatures; Textures; or Sounds?
  13. A postulant seeks qualification to practice in: Accountancy; Religion; History; or Mail/carrier services?
  14. Founded in 1966, the US company Vans originally and most famously makes: Ice-cream; Cigars; Footwear; or Cars?
  15. Roughly how many bubbles are in a standard bottle of champagne: 1,500; 50,000; 500,000; or 50million?
  16. A metaphor for a shortlist of candidates is: Horses and jockeys; Runners and riders; Gladiators and chariots; or Balloons and baskets?
  17. The US-originating paramilitary/police term SWAT stands for which four of these words: Special Situational Warning Weapons And Authority Tactics Task?
  18. New Year's Day (Gregorian international standard calendar) in the year 2017 is a: Thursday; Friday; Saturday; or Sunday?
  19. The modern disputed region of Kashmir is in which three of these nations: India; China; Pakistan; Vietnam; or Russia?
  20. What organization appointed Zinedine Zidane as its new boss in 2016? Microsoft; NATO; Real Madrid Football Club; or Vatican Online?


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