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quizballs 38 - free weather and climate quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

  1. Which one of these revolving weather systems is the smallest: hurricane, typhoon, tropical cyclone, tornado?
  2. Aside of the amusing reference popularised by Frank Zappa, what is the usual cause of a large-scale 'yellow snow' weather effect seen in certain parts of the world?
  3. What is the line on a weather chart which joins points of equal pressure?
  4. What colour of a single rainbow is on the inside of the rainbow's arc, given the generally defined seven-colour rainbow?
  5. Who invented the mercury thermometer?
  6. Okta is a unit of measurement of what?
  7. What common term refers to the amount of water vapour that is held in the air?
  8. Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson's father was responsible for what significant weather-related invention?
  9. What shipping forecast area lies immediately South of Forties off the British Isles?
  10. What common term refers to the movement of air from a high pressure to a low pressure zone?
  11. What is O3 (O followed by the number 3, usually shown in sub-script)?
  12. What wind speed limit applies for setting athletics sprinting and jumping records?
  13. What were all girls from 1953 to 1979, and thereafter alternating boys and girls?
  14. What is the circulating Atlantic ocean current which warms Western Europe?
  15. What's the more exotic name of the 'Northern Lights' visible under certain conditions in the Northern Hemisphere night sky?
  16. What is a haboob?
  17. What is the childlike name given to the significant weather activity linked to sea temperature rise in the Pacific Ocean?
  18. What are the narrow bands of strong winds called which move around the world between about six and twelve miles high?
  19. What is the unit of measurement of wind speed?
  20. What is the 'ology' term for the study or science of the weather (that's short-term weather systems and effects, not long-term climatology)?
  21. What was the name of the 1992 hurricane storm which caused massive damage to the Bahamas, Florida and Louisiana?
  22. Towards which direction (North, East, South or West) is a rainbow normally seen in the afternoon?
  23. What cloud term means 'sheet' or 'sheetlike' or 'layer'?
  24. (Aside from a back and a front) how many sides or points does every snowflake have?
  25. The 'Inter-tropical Convergence Zone', where the trade winds meet near the equator to produce a band of relatively very still air, which can strand sailing ships, is known more prosaically as what?
  26. In the Northern hemisphere an area of low pressure produces what wind direction?
  27. What is the most common gas in the earth's atmosphere?
  28. What type of cloud is normally associated with thunderstorms?
  29. The heaviest recorded hailstones weighed (approximately) 25gms, 100gms, 500gms or 1kg?
  30. What number does 'storm' equate to on the Beaufort Scale of wind force?
  31. What is minus 40 degrees Farenheit expressed as degrees Centigrade?


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