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The spelling of Sydney was corrected (from the incorrect Sidney [Harbour Bridge]) in question 28 - thanks D Blake - 13 Dec 2008. Question 23 was corrected (from What was Doris Day's only UK No1 hit record?) to '...Doris Day's first UK No1 hit single...' because she had two UK number one singles - thanks E Breare - 29 Dec 2008

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  1. Agadir is a port in which North African country?
  2. Which acid is produced in the muscles during strenuous exercise?
  3. What is the sloping part of a horse's foot between the fetlock and the hoof?
  4. What is the name of the cement mixer in the children's TV series Bob the Builder?
  5. Cereology is the study of what?
  6. What one of the seven continents stretches from the Northern Temperate to the Southern Temperate zones?
  7. Arboreal describes a creature which commonly lives in what?
  8. The secret ingredient of which product is code-named 'merchandise 7X'?
  9. Which actor appeared in every episode of the TV series M*A*S*H?
  10. According to official records how many people died in the Great Fire of London of 1666?
  11. The World Health Organization is an agency of which larger body?
  12. What is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet?
  13. Ergophobia is a fear of what?
  14. In what country is the Valley of the Kings?
  15. Pauline Matthews duetted on a big 1970's hit record under what better known name?
  16. Who founded the UK's Today newspaper in 1986?
  17. Where in the body are the olfactory nerves?
  18. What is the emblem of Canada?
  19. In the Bible what is the third book of the Old Testament?
  20. How many points does a converted try score in Rugby Union?
  21. What do the initials of animal rights organization PETA stand for?
  22. Who in Greek mythology was murdered by his wife Clytemnestra?
  23. What was Doris Day's first UK number one hit single?
  24. Which country produces Jarlsberg cheese?
  25. Shisha, nargile, argeela and ghalyan are all names relating to what hugely popular and culturally significant custom?
  26. How many lines are in a limerick?
  27. Which infamous Englishman's prison number was FF8282?
  28. In which decade was Sydney Harbour Bridge opened?
  29. Who is seventh in line to the British throne (as at May 2007)?
  30. What was the name of the world's first nuclear submarine?
  31. Who captained Germany's soccer team in the 1966 World Cup Final?
  32. What colour dye is tartrazine?
  33. The restrictive medical condition epicondylitis is commonly known as what?
  34. What is the name of the cap worn by Roman Catholic clergymen?
  35. Aside from Russia what is the largest country in Europe?
  36. American explorer Robert Peary is generally regarded as the first to reach where in 1909?
  37. Which planet has the Great Red Spot in its atmosphere?
  38. Trinitrotoluene is better known as what?
  39. A gift of china is traditionally given to celebrate how many years of marriage in the UK and USA?
  40. Who wrote the opera Tristan and Isolde?
  41. In which country is the carved (that's carved, not caved) city of Petra?
  42. The pistil is the reproductive organ of what?
  43. Geoffrey Palmer was the prime minister of which country 1989-90?
  44. Discovery, Gillyflower and Rome Beauty are types of which fruit?
  45. What are the Sandwich Islands now called?
  46. Who wrote The Divine Comedy?
  47. What was controversially legalised on a voluntary basis in Australia's Northern territory in 1995?
  48. Amsterdam lies on which river?
  49. How many bones are in the human hand?
  50. What animal is Friar Tuck in the Disney animated version of Robin Hood?


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